Thursday, January 27, 2011

seasonal depression & happy winter!

I am not a fan of winter and would love to move to year-round summer weather. Why I don't is a whole other post in itself. I am ready for winter to be over after our first snow. And this season, we have had well over the yearly allocation of snow. I think snow is pretty to look at, and fun to play in like once a year. So, it's time for the cold and grey skies to turn into sun and blue skies. It’s also time for the nasty salt on my car to go! I need sun, warmth, and blooming flowers! AND my skin needs some Vitamin D!  

As a nurse, I tend to "self-diagnose," as I'm sure most of us do! So with this blah attitude toward winter, every year, I diagnose myself with this disease: "Seasonal Depression." I think the technical term is "Seasonal Affective Disorder." (I thought I totally invented this disorder, but I guess some super smart Dr. claimed the title before me...sigh...)
My symptoms include:
A.) increased tiredness and sleeping

B.) lack of energy
C.) overeating, especially carbohydrates

D.) withdraw from social activities (less "going out" in my case.)

Treatments are:
A.) light therapy
B.) anti-depressants

C.) ionized air therapy.

My therapy would just be to go on an extended vacation! Cure all! Ahhhhhh.....just me dreaming. It would be nice if we could all just give up our jobs for a few months and move to the beach and not worry about our bills, and other responsibilities...oh, a girl can dream!

Well, until spring and happy weather & happier moods, OR a time of extended vacations & less responsibilities, happy winter!


  1. You know I have the same disorder!!! Why do you think I LOOOOVE being in FL so much? And why I'm such a sleepy, over-eating, home body during these months.
    IS IT SUMMER YET? Is all I keep telling myself lately. Or even Spring. I'd be happy with just some spring weather.

    Have you been sledding yet this year? Perhaps we should all go together the next weekend there's snow...? Might as well make the most of all this freaking snow and at least it's a free activity.

  2. me too :( carbs, sleeping and anti-social tendenceies are in full-force over here.

  3. Love your blog design! So cute!!! And I feel the exact same way...I'm sleeping way too much & eating more carbs than I should. I just have a hard time saying no!

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  5. All nurses Self Diagnose way too much! I'm the same way! We have alot in common!

    I'm your newest follower~