Saturday, December 31, 2011

One busy NYE day!

Today is going to be a crazy day! 
Us UK fans have the biggest rivalry game of the season at high noon! 

It's the one and only #1 UK Wildcats against our other state team...

the JV squad of the state...Louisville Cardinals...or as we like to say Loserville Birdnals. {Term coined by my dear friend Laura!} 

No worries though, our Coach Cal and his star players can take them. 


Where ever you are, be a CATS fan and cheer on our boys! 
Unfortunately, tickets are a hot commodity and going for insane amounts of dough around here. 
They are like GOLD.
So, we will be watching from the comfort of a bar booth!

AFTER our BIG WIN, Chels and I have hair appointments with her fab hair guy! I'm browsing Pinterest for pics to show him what I want! I'm thinking Big and Bigger...

Teased all the way back to the 1950's!

AFTER the hair...I have to get myself made up for dinner for this girl! It's her Birthday! Her husband has made reservations at a sushi place! Yumm!

Then...the big night out! Didn't make any big plans, just hoping to have a fun night with great friends! 

Goodbye 2011. Won't be missing you.
I'm welcoming you 2012 with open arms and it's GOT to be better than 2011. 
Just gotta be! 

So, Here's to you 2012. 
Treat us well!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The goings on...

So I know I've been MIA for a week or so, so I'm going to try and catch you up with what's been going on in my life really quick. {I've been a bad photographer :( this season. I have a great camera, just need to use it more!}

First was my sisters graduation. I intended on getting a photo of all the nurses in our family, but I forgot. I will one day. 
So proud of ya little sis.

Then, there was the engagement of my friends Rebecca and Jason! I am so honored to be apart of their big day next October!

And we celebrated all night!

Then there was Christmas...
{see, the only pic I has more}

This is my Christmas card holder.
Just a bow with ribbon hanging down and hot glued clothes pins. Simple and easy to make! I love this time of year when REAL MAIL comes and pretty cards are in the mailbox! I look forward to it every year!

 This is peppermint ice cream pie with hot fudge. DE-LISH. One of our traditions is going to a family friends on Christmas Eve for dinner and gifts. This is the dessert she makes.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and Santa was great to you all! He was more than generous to me!

I did make it to the after Xmas sales for a new Xmas tree! If you recall, mine is a recycled tree of my parents and leans about 30 degrees. Literally, with a slight blow, the thing might fall over! 
And it has a branch missing {that side goes in the back}.

So, needless to say, it's going to the curb!

Mom and I hit up Garden Ridge and I snagged a 7.5 ft on sale for $75 and a 6ft for $30! The 6ft is going to be my fun, sassy tree next year! I got lots of pink and frilly stuff too!

Now on to New Years Eve plans and resolutions...

Friday, December 16, 2011

5 Nurses + 1 More!

Today I am going to watch the pinning ceremony of my sister from Nursing school, then the graduation from University of Kentucky Nursing School. Not too long ago, I was in her same shoes! 
4 1/2 years ago...really?! Already?! Time flies! 

When I went to Nursing school, I graduated with 2 of my cousins! Now, our family adds another! My mom is a nurse, as well as my aunt. So...add it up, and there are now 6 nurses in our family!
{My parents had a little graduation party for her last night and all of us were together, and I didn't get a pic! DAANNNGGITT. I will at Christmas!}

If you don't like talk of brains and guts, well, don't join our dinner table! Yes, we do discuss bowels and limbs that have been cut off, and the like at our dinner table! My dad can't stomach it, yet we continue talking about the gory stuff and he ends up leaving! 

So, here are my cousins and I on our graduation day. Today, we add little sis! And, she may be working by my side in the same unit as me! I might get to teach her a thing or two!

Congratulations Emily on graduation. Welcome to the nursing world! You'll be a great nurse, {if you're anything like me...ha} Seriously, you will!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A catch up...

Hey ladies! 
I've got a few things to catch you up on! {I've been a slacker on posting} 
Last weekend was my work Christmas party! It was a blast! We all had low expectations due to it's location, but as always, with our group of co-workers, we can make any party, at any venue, FUN! 
I ran into an old high school friend that night and she said,"I heard you all get really rowdy" 
My response,"Why, yes, you heard correctly, we do!"
Working in critical care with so much tragedy, we have to find a way to de-stress!

Before the party a few of us went to a local bar to have a drink and this lady walked up to me and said, "OH MY GOSH!  I NEED YOUR OUTFIT!" She wanted my outfit to wear NYE. I told her where to get it and we discussed our NYE plans, and she said if she saw me NYE in the same thing she would be mad at me! I told her not to worry, I wouldn't be wearing it! 
I was flattered she liked it so much!

Next, last night my friend Jamie and I spent a few hours in the kitchen! I'm working on my housewife skills for when that day comes...
We made chocolate covered pretzels, Miss Lindsay's peppermint bark, sugar cookies in Christmas cutout designs and puppy chow! 
We had Christmas music blasting in the kitchen while we cooked!
 What holiday foods do you make yearly?!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Red and White all over!

I have a red and white holiday decorating obsession! I have a R&W tree skirt, candlesticks, candle arrangement, and ornament filled vase table centerpiece. 

It's so festive!

This year I've even incorporated the theme into my gift wrapping. I bought plain brown postal wrapping paper and red, white, and silver bows. The gift tags are Santa hats and peppermints. I like the universal look under the tree. 
Here are a few snapshots of my R&W decor! 

The tabletop centerpiece-vases filled with the R&W polka dot and striped glass ornaments is my favorite! 
How do you decorate each year?! 
Do you use a gift wrapping theme too?!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Xmas Cards!

I found my cards this year from a twitter follower! The miss @carriesteinbeck has a design business and I looked on her website and found a super cute card! I had her change the red to a more pinky red color and customize the phrase inside the card. I was a little picky and indecisive, and she was so great and easy to work with! Her prices are very reasonable also!. If you ever need any kind of announcements, invitations, or greeting cards you should check her out! 

I spent yesterday signing and addressing all my cards to send this year! I just love them! They will be in the mail this week!

Love Lauren & Stella, too!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I'm back from a great time off from work. The weather in SW Florida couldn't have been more perfect! I really have the itch to move there! Anyone want to go with me!? 
One restaurant we go to frequently has the best sunsets, and they had a Christmas tree up on the beach! 
So cute. 

I could really get used to Xmas on the beach with sand instead of snow!

Sanibel Island

I'm already ready to go back, and I haven't even been home 24 hours! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have the next week off from work and I decided I'm using the days wisely & head...


 The weather at home is rainy and cold with dropping temps. So, I'm excited to get in a week of sun, sand, and warmer temperatures just before the mean winter hits. 

Luckily, I don't have to take any vacation time and will get to recover from the previous 6 nights in a row I just worked. Shew...exhausting! 

This nursing schedule is has it's pluses and minuses. 
{Working 6 in a row...minus. A week off without taking vacation time...PLUS.}

My friend Emily is meeting me for a few days! It will be nice to vacay with her and catch up since she lives in a different city.

I won't have internet there, so I'll be absent from blogging and reading any as well :( Hope everyone has a great week! See you all Thanksgiving weekend!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Laura Mercier Lip Gloss

After the Sephora Friends and Family 20% off sale I went back, YES BACK AGAIN, for some more shopping and found these little gems you all need! I love Laura Mercier and her line of makeup and after wearing these lip glosses for nearly 2 weeks, they are by far my new favorites! They are non-sticky and just perfect colors. They are mini sizes and PERFECT nude colors so I can keep them in my scrub pockets and wear them to work without being so bright and loud

With Christmas just around the corner, this could also be a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift for your make-up loving friends! 

Because, what girl doesn't love make-up!?

You must get to your local Sephora and buy these LIMITED EDITION mini lip gloss set!

this is not a sales endorsement for LM!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Animal Print Rug...Rawrrr

I love animal print. It's not a secret. 

I ordered a zebra print rug in early June from Ballard Design and received multiple emails throughout the summer that the shipment was delayed. By September I was really tired of waiting and had made up my mind one day I was going to cancel my order and start looking for another rug. I was bummed because this particular rug was 15% off when I ordered, so it was a good price. Well, luckily that day, 4 months later, it was delivered before I could cancel the order! Funny how things like that happen! :)

I finally have a new accent look in my kitchen. I liked the rug I previously had (a sisal rug with green border), I just wanted to change it up some. 

Here is the rug I ordered, but there are many more!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"She's so Cute"

Last night I took food to a friend who recently had a baby! 

Let's be clear here. I don't cook for myself, so I didn't cook for them. {There are a few things I do cook, but they do not make up a meal, mostly appetizer and dessert specialties!}

So, I picked up carry out from a nearby restaurant and bought them dinner. I wasn't about to try to start cooking yesterday and prepare a dreadful dinner for them and have them suffer. Yeah, I took the easy way out! 

It's still thoughtful and helpful though, right?!

 Maybe, but probably not, I'll be a pro chef by my next friends' baby. {Sorry Morganne & Peter you missed that Lauren, if she ever happens. You might just need to create a 3rd Most Beautiful Baby to get some of my cooking then!} 

You all have to believe me when I say M & P create THE Most Beautiful Babies on this planet! They've got some great genes in their DNA! Their first little boy was proof from the minute he was born and his new little baby sis confirms it! 

While I was there last night I was sitting on the couch holding little Harper and her older brother comes over and puts his arms around her little head and leans down and kisses her head. He said, "She's so CUTE!" with a big grin on his face! Looks like he's an excited big bro! It was THE sweetest thing I've ever seen! She is pretty cute. 
This is a pic sent to me by her Mama from her car seat one day: 

She just had her professional baby pictures taken and I cannot wait to see them! They will be nothing less than precious and perfect!

Hope you enjoyed that yummy takeout Morganne and Peter! Next baby {if there is one! hint hint} I'll cook for you! 

And I'll be your babysitter when you want date night! :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stella's Belated Birthday

I've been a bad mommy. I didn't get Stella her birthday present until a week after her birthday! OOPS! My bank account balance has something to do with this! Her Mama has been doing a little too much personal shopping. I found a new pet store in our mall this week and got her a few new things. She should be a happy girl!

New Bling!

New toys and a doggie cookie

Sometimes I wonder why I bother. It only lasted
5 minutes! Money wasted?
Her favorite toy is that purple ball bone with rawhide on it. It hasn't been destroyed and you can buy rawhide replacements for the bone. 2 thumbs up!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I used my 20% off discount!

I wouldn't have let this Sephora F&F 20% off discount get away! I ordered a few goodies and am anxiously awaiting the box to show up on my doorstep! My gel eyeliner is old, so I need a new one. And all my lipgloss is gone! I usually have 3-4 in my purse, so it's absolutely time to re-stock!
Here's what I ordered:

Long wear gel eyeliner. In "Caviar Ink" $21 ($16.80!)

Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss. In "Origami"

$28 ($22.4)

Petite Tweezer Set $25 ($20)
I might actually use another email and shop some more today! I have a few hours left! (Some may think I have a shopping problem, but at this is on sale, right!?) 
Anything you girls recommend?!