Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beach! Here I Come!

I'm headed to the beach in a few hours, yes HOURS and I have yet to finish start packing. And I'm a habitual OVER PACKER! I say every trip I'm going to pack less. But, this time I'M SERIOUS! I'm going to pack the bare minimum {in my extra-large suitcase}, making sure I leave room for some purchases! You know this is a must!.
I plan to have internet access while I'm away the next 2 weeks to keep in touch!

Beach by lbmari2 featuring beanie hats

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter! Vol. 2 Stella's Easter

The Easter Bunny visited Stella Sunday...
The pink and white polka dot thing is her raincoat for all the rain we've had! 
Girls' gotta stay dry!
She found her Easter egg cookie

Curly rawhide...such a great chew toy

Monday, April 25, 2011

Thoughts and Things this week...

1. I'm not at all interested in The Royal Wedding. Well, I only want to see what the dress looks like. That's it.

2. "April showers bring May flowers." We've had enough rain for the year. I like the occasional shower or storm, but not this constant month of a monsoon we've had! 
3. I've not been into eating cake this year. My mom makes cakes for everyone's birthday's and holidays and I haven't wanted even a taste. I don't know why, I'm just not craving them. She's been kinda upset that I've not been eating them :( It's not her cakes, they are great, It's me. {haha, that was the classic "break-up" line (it's not you, it's me)
And Mrs. D's cakes are amazing too!

4. I'm working 60 hours this week. I think I might cry. Vacation on May 1st...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

5. a. I found a great smelling candle at Wal-Mart this week. It's huge and it was only $5! {an original item I went for...this always happens...picking up unneeded items}

5. b. I made 3 trips to Wal-Mart this week. I only needed a few things so I didn't make a list, thinking I wouldn't forget...well, wouldn't ya know...I forgot something each time. Lesson learned, continue to always make my lists!!!

6. A patient of mine this week broke my glasses. I don't wear contacts and thankfully have an old pair with a minimally changed prescription to use until my new glasses come in. Only problem: new frames are on backorder for 2 weeks, and then I'm on vacation for 2 weeks. So during that overlap in time they will probably be delivered. Good news: I think I'm getting reimbursed from work for the cost!
*At least I wasn't hurt and the glasses can be replaced!

7. I can't wait to have a few days to Spring Clean! After my vacation & before I go back to fits in perfectly! I'm even going to dust the fan blades and clean the baseboards!

8. I'm not a Britney fan. I liked the old Brit better! Sorry to all my dear friends who LOVE her. I've just not gotten into her latest stuff. 

9. I went to the mall this weekend and saw a really cute dress and walked around the store with it for 30 minutes or so, then put it back. I'm proud of myself for not spending the money on something i DO NOT need, when it can go to something more important. OHHH, but I wanted it sooooo bad! But I think that Moo-lahhh will go to my credit card payments or Mother's Day gift!

10. I saw Water For Elephants. It was so great! I loved my girl Reese! And I must admit...I've never thought R.Pat was attractive...until now! Oh my! I could stare at him all day!

Just some random thoughts and things from me this week!

Happy Easter! Vol.1

I found this from Mrs. Megan She is so adorable and so inspiring!

I also have seen this in a few other people's posts, but had to post as well. It is one of my all-time favorite church songs to sing, especially a capella. Get a few hundred voices together and it's nothing short of amazing. My dad even asked me if I watched this the other night! He loved the performance & Mrs. Fisher!
Perfect for today.

Happy Easter

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's A Party!

I'm a couple days late, but better late than never right?! This past weekend was one of my grandfather's 80th birthday party. So, my mom {his middle child 3rd of 5} had a "party" for him! With so many people in my mom's side of the family it's hard to get evvveeerrrrryyyyyoonnnne together, but we did it! All the kids, spouses, grandkids and their spouses {the ones who are married.}

We just had everyone over to my parent's house for a lunch and my mom made a variety of finger foods, sandwiches, dips {my favorite}, and we all just sat around the house and outside on the patio since it was sunny and visited with each other. 

After lunch we all gathered in the dining room to sing "Happy Birthday" and cut the cake. Before this, my grandmother said she thought he was sad because he wasn't saying much. When everyone came in the room he wanted to make a speech he started crying. It was so sweet. My dad spoke up and just said that the celebration wasn't just a celebration of 80 years of life, but a celebration of 80 years of a great example of who we should all aspire to be, and someone who raised great children and grandchildren. 

My grandparents on their wedding day

 Granddad holding me when I was born

My grandfather trying to make a speech, and just crying instead! So sweet, so cute. There's my dad in the background.

 The Whole Clan

 Grandparents with their 5 children and their spouses

 Grandparents with all the grandkids & a couple spouses

 My sweet grandparents! After 60 years, still so in love!

Me with the Birthday Man

 Grandma and me!

My little cousin Logan playing with Stella.

After all the excitement and people to play with, when the last person walked out the door, Stella crashed!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grandfather who's taught me so many things, who I respect and love dearly, and here's to many more!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my bare wall gets a face lift!

After living my home for a year & a half now, I've FINALLY gotten around to decorating the beyond bare wall behind my couch. The problem with this wall is the electrician put the thermostat in the middle of the wall! It's so hard to hang any picture on this huge wall when there is a thermostat right in the middle of the wall! Clearly, they didn't have a woman tell them this would be a problem! 

But, I found a solution! Last year I would browse {and still do} websites for decorating ideas on my down time at work in the wee hours of the morning, and thought a simple mantle would be a good idea. I don't have a fireplace in my living room {now a requirement in the next house,} so I could use one to set pretty things on and it would hide the thermostat! 

So, finally {after a lot of brainstorming aka: putting it off} I put the plan in motion and a couple months ago and I ordered shelf/ledge {5-foot} on Home Depot's online store. I compared online and it was the cheapest ($49.97, free shipping.) CAN'T BEAT FREE SHIPPING!!! I liked Pottery Barn's {of course} but it was 4-foot for $75+$17 shipping. {I love PB, but I've gotta shop around. You can get the look for less.} I needed a longer shelf because the wall is pretty long! A 4-foot shelf would just look silly! 

Well, I've had the shelf now for probably 2 months. And, I've been a little busy with the trip, working a little OT, and no one to help me hang it. {I need a Mr. around for home projects and repairs!} So, I have to coordinate my schedule with my parents' because they are pros! They have moved several times and hung so many pictures, curtains, TVs, etc. We finally got a free night and they came over and within the hour got it done! 

please excuse the poor color of the iphone photos


Friday, Katherine and I went to Cincy for a little shopping and I picked up these things for this project specifically! There is a Ballard Design outlet there, so I got these items at discounted prices! The mirrors were originally $79/each. I got 3 for $39!!!  

I'm pretty pleased with my project and so happy almost 2 years later I finally did it! Sheesh...more evidence of my procrastination! I'm also pleased with my bargain shopping! I need to become better at that! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Stella visits the beauty shop!

Stella has been LONG overdue for a trip to the groomer. She last got groomed and beauty-fied in the winter around the beginning of February. So, needless to say, she's been looking like a bear. LIterally. 
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
After her trip to the beauty parlor. Poodle look again! 
Taken by the groomer. 
{Stella does not still for a camera, so she's holding her}
She's all ready for Easter and our trip to Florida in a few short weeks. I need to get her Easter basket ready and make she her swim suit still fits so she can sun bathe next to mama!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

TO go to day shift or NOT to go to day shift? That is the question!

I thought when I started my job working night-shift would be a 1 to a 1-1/2 year thing. I would serve my time on the graveyard shift then I would take the first day-shift job opportunity when it was my turn on the seniority totem pole. The 2-year mark was my first opportunity for a day-shift position. I reluctantly turned it down due to the money. {Working nights, there is a significant pay increase.} Welllll...It's almost four years later and I'm still here! Since then, there has been 4 day-shift positions I have passed along to others. I keep saying, "Oh, just one more year..."

Our hospital is building a brand-spanking new, larger than life, state of the art, new hospital and has many new positions available. Again, the opportunity arises. Again, I ask myself, do I go to day shift?

I'm going to look into my finances in depth this week and see if I can afford the pay cut. The pay cut varies depending on how many weekend shifts and how much overtime I work. I want to be responsible with my finances {a New Years resolution I'm still committed to!} 

I have some dept to pay, I would like to build my savings account back up, invest in some home improvements, and like any other girl, I have a shopping problem!  So, by this statement, I think I know the answer to my own question...I can't go to day shift. I spend too much money! Haha. My friends at work {who have all left me for the bright side} keep begging me to come to days and I tell them: just find me a second income...aka: a husband. All problems solved! Then I can join them on the sunny side of life! 

***Normal Life
**Lose shift differential
**Feel better physically/less tired
*Pay for parking $350/yr
All of my best friends who I started with are now working days. {We are friends outside of work too!}
Will be less senior staff member.
{Will be required to work more holidays & weekends again.}
In an environment more conducive to learning
More people in unit on days {all disciplines: MDs, students, PT/OT, social workers, etc.}

More procedures: angio/trach&peg/OR

**Shift differential
***Physically exhausted {have needed more caffeine lately, why?}
*Do not pay for parking
Always live an opposite schedule {awake in middle of night, sleep all day...very hard to flip-flop}
More senior staff member {work less holidays and weekends}

Quieter environment/Less people in unit {not a zoo/circus}

I'll pobably decide to stay on night-shift for one more year {which is what I've been telling myself every year...we see where this has gotten me} to work on debt and savings. I'll see where I am then and re-evaluate my situation {?}


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quote of the Day

After talking with a friend at work last night she told me this quote...

"The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them." ~Maya Angelou

I didn't see this movie {well, I fell asleep watching it, so I don't know if it has any relevance for my situation, but I just posted this pic for the title.}

Monday, April 4, 2011

how are we going to pay the toll?!

Ok! Finally, some time to tell you a {now} funny story of our trip!

When Sarah and I had hit the road early Friday morning to leave for our cruise, we had a 16 hour drive ahead of us! We packed the car, stocked up with snacks and were energized by adrenaline as neither of us had slept but two or three hours because we were so excited to head to warm weather and the beach! {and I was up late packing because I'm famous for procrastinating!} We alternated driving every few hours and made it all day! We stopped for the night about two hours outside of Miami {port of call} because it was Spring Break week and we didn't book a hotel room and we didn't want to sleep in the car, so we thought this was our best bet for a room!

After a fabulous {ok} night's rest in a 4-star luxury resort {side of the road hotel} we woke up in time to primp and make the short two hour leg we had left and walked out to sunshine and 70 degree weather! We planned to arrive in Miami in time to watch the UK vs UVA game, then board the ship. Priorities!

The night of my procrastination the last thing I had put off on my "To Do" list was painting my nails. It was 3am and I tried to accomplish this task. I started with my toes, and then my hands. Well, I was so tired I didn't finish. I left one hand untouched. So, in the car, I decided I had to finish painting them. No one can walk on a cruise ship with five painted finger nails and five unpainted finger nails!

So, Sarah was driving, with the Garmin on for navigation and I propped up a pillow on my lap and went to town on my unpainted nails. {Mind you, I was also painting with my non-dominant hand, in a moving vehicle, this could have been a disaster. Luckily, they didn't turn out so bad. Not salon perfection, but not terrible}
I maybe had two nails with wet "Peep Show" shine on and I hear Sarah start asking me what she should do and the car slowing down. {Note: We were driving through an area of Florida with a lot of tolls and the left 5 lanes are the "SunPass" lanes for those who drive the roads daily. They can just drive on through with no stopping or paying because they have the pre-paid SunPass.}
I don't really remember what she said exactly, but I just remember looking up and seeing road signs to the left, to the right, and straight in front of us that said,
She stopped the car in the far left lane and cars were passing us honking. Then a police car drove up behind us and turned his siren and lights on as if he were pulling us over. No need sir, we were already stopped! He gets out and comes to the window. 
Here is how the convo went {to the best of my memory, or something like it} 
imagine a northern accent from our *friendly cop
COP: "Ma'am what are you doing stopped on the highway? Do you have some sort of car trouble?"
Sarah: "No, sir. We accidentally got in the wrong lane and we don't mean to drive through the toll without paying, or get fined. We really do want to pay the toll. We aren't trying to break the law." 
Sarah: "But sir, how do we pay the toll?"
Then he turned and walked back to his car.

So, we started driving again and still had our question unanswered. How are we going to pay the toll? At the next toll we came to we asked the booth worker and they were so kind and explained what we needed to do to pay the missed toll. Why can't everyone be that nice!? There was no need for that cop to be so rude to us! But, looking back, it wasn't a great idea to stop in the road. It is quite hilarious now, especially him saying IDEAR...

Traveling makes for good stories! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Today our Kentucky Wildcats are going to fight for the chance to play in the championship game for the NCAA title! It's been a while since our KY team has been to the final four, but it's our tradition and what this state knows! Thanks to Coach Cal for bringing us back! 

UK is the winningest program in the history of basketball! 

This is a banner the current DDD's made to support the boys!  
I wish I was in Houston with the rest of the large representation of UK fans for all the excitement! But the excitement is just as great and overwhelming here too! The crowds go wild!