Monday, April 11, 2011

Stella visits the beauty shop!

Stella has been LONG overdue for a trip to the groomer. She last got groomed and beauty-fied in the winter around the beginning of February. So, needless to say, she's been looking like a bear. LIterally. 
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
After her trip to the beauty parlor. Poodle look again! 
Taken by the groomer. 
{Stella does not still for a camera, so she's holding her}
She's all ready for Easter and our trip to Florida in a few short weeks. I need to get her Easter basket ready and make she her swim suit still fits so she can sun bathe next to mama!


  1. SO stinking cute! My sweet baby is also in desperate need for a trip to the groomer. it has gotten so bad I made my fiance hold her still so I could trim the hair around her eyes because they were completely covered!

  2. Stella is too cute!! I'm loving the bunny ears, haha. What groomer do you use? I'm trying to find one in Lex!!

  3. not going to lie...i kinda like the fuzz ball look on her :)

  4. Love it!! Be sure to come by for Tail Wagging Tuesday Pet linkup tomorrow! :) ooxox-Cmae

  5. What an adorable little doggie :)

  6. awe, I agree with K, I adore her when she looks like a lil bear ball.

  7. She is too cute! Love the bunny ears :) Our groomer always puts bows in my dog's hair and she rips them off as soon as she gets home.