Thursday, April 7, 2011

TO go to day shift or NOT to go to day shift? That is the question!

I thought when I started my job working night-shift would be a 1 to a 1-1/2 year thing. I would serve my time on the graveyard shift then I would take the first day-shift job opportunity when it was my turn on the seniority totem pole. The 2-year mark was my first opportunity for a day-shift position. I reluctantly turned it down due to the money. {Working nights, there is a significant pay increase.} Welllll...It's almost four years later and I'm still here! Since then, there has been 4 day-shift positions I have passed along to others. I keep saying, "Oh, just one more year..."

Our hospital is building a brand-spanking new, larger than life, state of the art, new hospital and has many new positions available. Again, the opportunity arises. Again, I ask myself, do I go to day shift?

I'm going to look into my finances in depth this week and see if I can afford the pay cut. The pay cut varies depending on how many weekend shifts and how much overtime I work. I want to be responsible with my finances {a New Years resolution I'm still committed to!} 

I have some dept to pay, I would like to build my savings account back up, invest in some home improvements, and like any other girl, I have a shopping problem!  So, by this statement, I think I know the answer to my own question...I can't go to day shift. I spend too much money! Haha. My friends at work {who have all left me for the bright side} keep begging me to come to days and I tell them: just find me a second income...aka: a husband. All problems solved! Then I can join them on the sunny side of life! 

***Normal Life
**Lose shift differential
**Feel better physically/less tired
*Pay for parking $350/yr
All of my best friends who I started with are now working days. {We are friends outside of work too!}
Will be less senior staff member.
{Will be required to work more holidays & weekends again.}
In an environment more conducive to learning
More people in unit on days {all disciplines: MDs, students, PT/OT, social workers, etc.}

More procedures: angio/trach&peg/OR

**Shift differential
***Physically exhausted {have needed more caffeine lately, why?}
*Do not pay for parking
Always live an opposite schedule {awake in middle of night, sleep all day...very hard to flip-flop}
More senior staff member {work less holidays and weekends}

Quieter environment/Less people in unit {not a zoo/circus}

I'll pobably decide to stay on night-shift for one more year {which is what I've been telling myself every year...we see where this has gotten me} to work on debt and savings. I'll see where I am then and re-evaluate my situation {?}



  1. I've always wanted to work Night shift. I did it as a CNA for years, and now I'm a nurse, and I work days, but I miss my night shift. I say stay on nights.=)

  2. I was typing a big long comment, but I was afraid it might be depressing. Basically, I can see both sides of your argument here! What a tough decision :( Save your pennies girlie!