Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's A Party!

I'm a couple days late, but better late than never right?! This past weekend was one of my grandfather's 80th birthday party. So, my mom {his middle child 3rd of 5} had a "party" for him! With so many people in my mom's side of the family it's hard to get evvveeerrrrryyyyyoonnnne together, but we did it! All the kids, spouses, grandkids and their spouses {the ones who are married.}

We just had everyone over to my parent's house for a lunch and my mom made a variety of finger foods, sandwiches, dips {my favorite}, and we all just sat around the house and outside on the patio since it was sunny and visited with each other. 

After lunch we all gathered in the dining room to sing "Happy Birthday" and cut the cake. Before this, my grandmother said she thought he was sad because he wasn't saying much. When everyone came in the room he wanted to make a speech he started crying. It was so sweet. My dad spoke up and just said that the celebration wasn't just a celebration of 80 years of life, but a celebration of 80 years of a great example of who we should all aspire to be, and someone who raised great children and grandchildren. 

My grandparents on their wedding day

 Granddad holding me when I was born

My grandfather trying to make a speech, and just crying instead! So sweet, so cute. There's my dad in the background.

 The Whole Clan

 Grandparents with their 5 children and their spouses

 Grandparents with all the grandkids & a couple spouses

 My sweet grandparents! After 60 years, still so in love!

Me with the Birthday Man

 Grandma and me!

My little cousin Logan playing with Stella.

After all the excitement and people to play with, when the last person walked out the door, Stella crashed!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grandfather who's taught me so many things, who I respect and love dearly, and here's to many more!


  1. I love this's so sweet! Great pictures too :) How awesome you were able to get so much of your family together! (Did you get a spray tan? You look dark!)

  2. Awwww Lauren! SO SWEET, so special and so neat! I'm so glad you got to spend the day with your family and celebrate such a special day. This past Sunday was Pat's Grandma's 90th Birthday. :) Such a special occasion and I'm glad you were all able to be there together. Happy Birthday Grandfather!
    Btw, I agree w Jill...I think you look tan too! I need your secret. :)

  3. It's so great to see that you're so close with your grandparents! I have always been close to mine & I think that's pretty rare these days! Happy BDay to your grandfather!! :)

  4. SOO sweet!! :) I love your outfit for the party and that CAKE!! MYLANTA! It looks delish!!