Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beach! Here I Come!

I'm headed to the beach in a few hours, yes HOURS and I have yet to finish start packing. And I'm a habitual OVER PACKER! I say every trip I'm going to pack less. But, this time I'M SERIOUS! I'm going to pack the bare minimum {in my extra-large suitcase}, making sure I leave room for some purchases! You know this is a must!.
I plan to have internet access while I'm away the next 2 weeks to keep in touch!

Beach by lbmari2 featuring beanie hats


  1. Have so much fun, girl! You deserve this much-needed vacation! What beach are you going to?

  2. Have a great time!!! I am a horrible over packer and going to the beach is the worst! I want to take everything with me. So jealous you are beach bound!!!

  3. Better to over pack then feel like you have nothing to wear :)

  4. I'm probably an even worse over packer than you are...I'm always mad at myself when I get back from trips, but better safe than sorry right? :)