Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thoughts & Things

1. Ok, Ok, So...last week in my Thoughts and Things post I said I didn't care about the Royal Wedding. Well, Friday morning I was at work and for some odd reason I got super excited at 4 am and turned on the TV in my patient's room and I was glued to it for the rest of my shift! Luckily I had an orientee who did all of the work, so I was able to watch every moment! I will say, if I wasn't working, I probably still wouldn't have been interested and still would have only wanted to see her dress; which was STUNNING...But, now I'm glad I watched it and I loved all the hats {or fascinators, as the Brits call them} and wish it was an American trend.
On another note...I used to date a Brit...too bad he wasn't the Prince!

2. The Wolfpack is back! That's right! THE HANGOVER II Coming out May 26!

3. These next two weeks I'll be spending time with my family for vacation. As I'm beyond grateful to be able to come to the beach for 2 whole weeks, I haven't spent 2 full weeks around my family {24/7} since I lived under my parents roof which was the summer after freshman year in college in 2004. So this could be tough! Hopefully we don't fight too much!

4. My thoughts and prayers go to those affected by the tornados in Tuscaloosa, and surrounding cities. I can't imagine what's it's like to go through such devastation.

5. I'm so sad I'm going to miss Derby at home this year. We had a Derby party at my house last year with all our local friends where we all put money in a pot and put all the horses names in a pot and each of us drew a horse and whoever had the winner by chance won the pot of money! Everyone brought food too! It was soo fun! This party is where we met Mr. & Mrs. D. I guess I'll pick it back up next year! I can't wait to see all the celebrities who attend and all the pretty hats...and of course who wins the roses!

6. Have you all seen the show Extreme Couponing on TLC? It's crazy! I go shopping and I don't get out of the store without dropping at least $75 for some toiletries, a few groceries, and extras such as lightbulbs, cleaning supplies, and TP. I'd love to learn to save and use coupons, but I don't think I could ever be one of them...

I was reading Mrs. Cheryl's lovely blog and found some awesome coupon websites that I will be checking out in the future to help my bank account! Here's one:

7.  Some awesome giveaways!!!
Shasta Anne is giving away a $100 VISA gift card! I could totally use this! But, who couldn't! Check out her blog for details!
Nautical By Nature is giving away a Shabby Apple dress! Check out the giveaway too!
Tracy is giving away her favorite perfume and I LOVE perfume so I would absolutely love to win her giveaway to try it!

8. After nearly 10 years the USA can finally give the families who were effected by the September 11 tragedy. I'm glad to know this mass murderer has been found and I find comfort in that he is probably not spending eternity behind the pearly gates.

How weird is it that on May 1, 1945 Hitler was found dead and May 1, 2011 Osama Bin Laden was announced dead?

From Mrs. MEllen
"Celebrating Peace"

 Ground Zero 2001

Some songs that come to mind are America the Beautiful, My Country Tis Of Thee, God Bless America, I'm Proud to Be An American, The Star Spangled Banner, Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning), and of course Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue! The List Could Go On...

Just some of my Thoughts and Things for this week...until next week...what are your thoughts?!


  1. So glad you found my blog and are in the giveaway - and even more glad I found your blog! How amazing that you are an ICU nurse... I bet you have seen some scary stuff!

  2. Loooveeee your blog!!! Extreme couponing makes me lauugh!! I work in a hospital too! Different floor but yeah I love it!!!

    Feel free to check out my site:

    ♥ Rorie

  3. This has been a crazy week of events around the world - exciting, good, and terrible.

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation (with limited family feuding)!

  4. I'm so glad you tuned in for the royal wedding :) Lots of history going on this past week!!