Wednesday, May 11, 2011

thoughts and things this week...

1. Island people are so nice. I was buying a pair of Jacks that aren't exactly cheap and I asked the sales lady if there was another pair because the only pair out was the sample and it was "worn" looking. Well, it was the only pair left in my size and color I wanted so she offered me 20% off!
2. I could live on seafood. Just not oysters or clams.
3. I want to move to the beach/warm climate.
4. If I move to warm climate, I would not want to work...ever.
5. I love the ocean breeze, but this is nothing new! It keeps me from sweating!
6. I'm getting SUPER EXCITED, BEYOND PUMPED about starting a Bunco group with some friends! Some other girls in my town? city? are joining that I've never met so I'm also really excited to meet them and make new friends! 
I said I feel like a stay-at-home mom with a job and no kids.
My dad called me a granny. :(
Why you would want to date me: I'm in a book club, a bunco group, and go to Florida with my parents every year {free vacation} to a retirement community. Yes, I'm a load of fun! Seriously...I am!
7. My Stella does not listen to me. She goes into her "condo" "house" {crate} so easily for my mom and sister, but not me. She runs and hides under a bed where I can't get her and isn't even bribed by a treat. And she even knows it's close to leaving time when I'm in the bathroom getting primped. She will go hide under the bed when I'm putting on my makeup. Why does she obey them and not me?! 

What are your thoughts for this week?! I'd love to hear 'em!


  1. I think its just Stella's way of showing you that she doesn't want you to leave!

  2. 2 = yes yes yes, though my boyfriend would run in fear haha. Beautiful photo!

    Lela London - (I'm currently running a shoe competition at my fashion blog!)

  3. I love island people too ;) And, Bunco is Fabulous! You will love it!!

  4. Uh oh, you've got to be the pack leader. I'm not a good pack dogs are just easily bribed by treats!!! They know it's leaving time for me as well and start whining outside the bathroom door! I'm verrry excited about Bunco!! It will be so much fun! You tell your dad to quit dogging on you :)

  5. Lauren if I wore garments could I dispense with all my motorcycle protective gear?

  6. I've never been to an island, or any hot vacay for that matter, but lately it's all I've been thinking about! I would give anything to forget life stresses and sit on a beach!