Saturday, May 7, 2011

Run for the Roses

Today is the 137th Running of the Kentucky Derby! As I am not home to celebrate, here are all things related for me to get my "fill" of the Big Event!

Last year I had a Derby Party which was so fun! We all paid $5 and drew a horse's name and whoever had the winner after the race won the "pot" of money! With 20 horses racing and each paying $5, there was a $100 winning! 
Hopefully next year we can have another annual party!
 Complete with Roses, Derby Pie and Mint Juleps!

Next year we should wear hats!
these aren't my grandparents, but their are displayed above their kitchen counters
My grandparents have collected most Derby glasses and have ones worth a lot of money. I would love to have their collection some day!  My mom has started keeping her own collection, and so have I. It's neat keeping something so special! I would like to start searching for the hard-to-find ones!


  1. Sounds like fun! I am so sad that I am not in Lexington for Derby Day. People down here in Nashville don't have parties or celebrate. I miss going out to Keeeland for the derby too and betting on all the races and just having a good time!

  2. So cute! We plan to host one (if we don't make our way to the race!) next year, too. It would be such a fun party to plan and I like the idea of betting on the horses. Happy Derby Day from TN!

  3. Fun! It looks like you're quite the hostess. Good lookin' food (and booze) table!
    My Dad collects Derby glasses. He has a pretty good collection--almost all of them.