Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"She's so Cute"

Last night I took food to a friend who recently had a baby! 

Let's be clear here. I don't cook for myself, so I didn't cook for them. {There are a few things I do cook, but they do not make up a meal, mostly appetizer and dessert specialties!}

So, I picked up carry out from a nearby restaurant and bought them dinner. I wasn't about to try to start cooking yesterday and prepare a dreadful dinner for them and have them suffer. Yeah, I took the easy way out! 

It's still thoughtful and helpful though, right?!

 Maybe, but probably not, I'll be a pro chef by my next friends' baby. {Sorry Morganne & Peter you missed that Lauren, if she ever happens. You might just need to create a 3rd Most Beautiful Baby to get some of my cooking then!} 

You all have to believe me when I say M & P create THE Most Beautiful Babies on this planet! They've got some great genes in their DNA! Their first little boy was proof from the minute he was born and his new little baby sis confirms it! 

While I was there last night I was sitting on the couch holding little Harper and her older brother comes over and puts his arms around her little head and leans down and kisses her head. He said, "She's so CUTE!" with a big grin on his face! Looks like he's an excited big bro! It was THE sweetest thing I've ever seen! She is pretty cute. 
This is a pic sent to me by her Mama from her car seat one day: 

She just had her professional baby pictures taken and I cannot wait to see them! They will be nothing less than precious and perfect!

Hope you enjoyed that yummy takeout Morganne and Peter! Next baby {if there is one! hint hint} I'll cook for you! 

And I'll be your babysitter when you want date night! :)

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