Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I'm back from a great time off from work. The weather in SW Florida couldn't have been more perfect! I really have the itch to move there! Anyone want to go with me!? 
One restaurant we go to frequently has the best sunsets, and they had a Christmas tree up on the beach! 
So cute. 

I could really get used to Xmas on the beach with sand instead of snow!

Sanibel Island

I'm already ready to go back, and I haven't even been home 24 hours! 


  1. of course I recognize that xmas tree spot! The mucky duck is my fav! I get the scallops. Yum! So glad you guys had great weather while you were here.


  2. Love Sanibel!! Jealous of your vacation. I could use some warm weather and the beach right now :)

  3. Ahhh I wish I was somewhere warm!! Whenever I see a Christmas tree in Florida I think of Home Alone 2.

  4. I will move with you!! It's been so warm here in NC that I have only had to wear a winter coat like once in all of Nov and Dec. and I am totally getting used to it. I want to live somewhere where it's like this all the time, some. kinda. bad! All my Christmas decorations are beachy already anyways...