Thursday, November 10, 2011

Animal Print Rug...Rawrrr

I love animal print. It's not a secret. 

I ordered a zebra print rug in early June from Ballard Design and received multiple emails throughout the summer that the shipment was delayed. By September I was really tired of waiting and had made up my mind one day I was going to cancel my order and start looking for another rug. I was bummed because this particular rug was 15% off when I ordered, so it was a good price. Well, luckily that day, 4 months later, it was delivered before I could cancel the order! Funny how things like that happen! :)

I finally have a new accent look in my kitchen. I liked the rug I previously had (a sisal rug with green border), I just wanted to change it up some. 

Here is the rug I ordered, but there are many more!


  1. That looks really good! I too love animal print!

  2. LOVE it sissybelle! I might steal the Ballard Design mags that come in the mail from a girl who no longer works here at the office.....

  3. I am obsessed with that rug!!!