Friday, December 16, 2011

5 Nurses + 1 More!

Today I am going to watch the pinning ceremony of my sister from Nursing school, then the graduation from University of Kentucky Nursing School. Not too long ago, I was in her same shoes! 
4 1/2 years ago...really?! Already?! Time flies! 

When I went to Nursing school, I graduated with 2 of my cousins! Now, our family adds another! My mom is a nurse, as well as my aunt. So...add it up, and there are now 6 nurses in our family!
{My parents had a little graduation party for her last night and all of us were together, and I didn't get a pic! DAANNNGGITT. I will at Christmas!}

If you don't like talk of brains and guts, well, don't join our dinner table! Yes, we do discuss bowels and limbs that have been cut off, and the like at our dinner table! My dad can't stomach it, yet we continue talking about the gory stuff and he ends up leaving! 

So, here are my cousins and I on our graduation day. Today, we add little sis! And, she may be working by my side in the same unit as me! I might get to teach her a thing or two!

Congratulations Emily on graduation. Welcome to the nursing world! You'll be a great nurse, {if you're anything like me...ha} Seriously, you will!


  1. Congrats to your sister!! Such a great accomplishment!

  2. so fun! Congrats to your sis! I am the only nurse in my family.. no idea how that happened. hah!