Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare...

While I sleep I am taken to another world. 8-12 hours (depending on the day) of crazy, wild, and imaginary dreamland. As you all know, I work nights so my sleep schedule is a little, well, off! So, I take a sleep supplement called Melatonin to fall asleep. Your body makes melatonin naturally, so I just take an over the counter supplement to help me fall asleep more quickly. It isn’t habit forming and my doctor suggested this instead of prescribing me any actual sleeping medications, which are harmful and addicting. So anyways, while I sleep I do believe I dream every minute that I am asleep! From the second I enter REM sleep to the second my alarm rings, I am off in dream world.

After I wake up, sometimes it is hard for me to remember most of what I dream, but when I do remember, I swear I have the most vivid, detailed, realistic dreams of anyone I know. I say realistic because they happen in places in my life and with actual people in my life. They are never fairy-tale-like. I tell my BFF Chelsea and she is so amused by my out-there dreams.  I’m glad I amuse her!

I’ll give you a synopsis of a few dreams I remember as best as I can so you get “the picture!”

Dream 1: I was spending the night at my friend Chelsea’s house (in real life, and in the dream), and a woman broke into her room and started stealing her clothes. Also, she went into her bathroom and took her shampoo, and rationed it off to us. After the woman left, I woke up (Only in the dream. I was still sleeping, and still dreaming.) and I went outside to leave. I got in my car, but I couldn’t drive anywhere because there were very, very large raccoons standing up on their back legs in the street blocking my way.

Weird things about my dreams:
1. Although I can’t remember specifically other dreams now, all my dreams used to have animals in them. Lately, my dreams haven't had animals in them. 

2. I used to never dream about work. I told that statement to someone once, and since then, I’ve dreamed about work a few times.  (Not exciting!)

Dream 2: I was in my church parking lot and there was a sort of “sing-off” between Blake Shelton and some other unknown singer. Why in my church parking lot? I don’t know! But, Blake Shelton’s crowd was slim, so I was up close and he actually talked to me and said he remembered me from somewhere…not sure where. Then he sang me a song! AHHH, wouldn't that be great in real life!? I would love for him to actually know me and sing me a song!

As you can see they are unusual! Obviously the scenery in my mind is very detailed and I can’t describe that, but you get the oddness of my dreams!

Sometimes I wonder what my dreams mean. I would love to know what each element symbolizes. Are there dream analysts out there?

Don’t worry! I’ll definitely be posting more of my crazy dreams! 

P.S. Thanks Chelsea for the title of this post!


  1. I have been having some odd and crazy dreams myself. I would love to know why I dream about certain things and what it means. I've looked some stuff up on the internet before, but not sure how accurate it is.

  2. heheheh your dreams crack me up. this was one of my faves by far. Xx,

  3. Lol, these dreams are so funny. Third shift always made me crazy as well!