Tuesday, February 1, 2011

is it March yet!?

With all the weather forecast talk of more snow, ice, snow, snow-its getting old! So, let's change the subject to something new and refreshing! Concerts and beaches!

I have quite a busy month in March (yes, I know, I have to wait a whole February to get to March!) and I couldn't be more excited and want to talk about it a month early!

I bought tickets to Lady Gaga with a friend and I can't wait to see the show she puts on! All the outfits, crazy head pieces, and risque performances!
Also, in March, a friend from work and I are attending a nursing seminar on a CRUISE! Now, that's how a work related seminar needs to happen! And, I'm so ready for a vacation. I can't wait to bring you all the sun and beaches back with me! Oh, and tell you all I learned at the seminar (that is the MAIN reason I'm going...DUH! haha!) This is the ship on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and the Ports of Call.
Liberty of the Seas
So, with a lot of beaches and sunbathing on the ship i'll need a few of these: 
I'm going to inventory my swimsuit drawer soon and see what color suit I need to add to the collection! 

This short post is just a glimpse for my much anticipated month in March. I hope these next 6 weeks goes by fast to bring you pictures of Lady Gaga herself, and the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean! It's so exciting to have something to look forward to! Can't wait to hear all of your vacation plans! 


  1. Working while cruising sounds like the greatest idea ever! Hopefully February will fly by!

  2. YOu're going to see GAGA without me? GAAAAH! I'm bummed.
    And on a cruise too? Sigh.

  3. Wow looks like you have a great March planned. How lucky you are to have a work cruise!!