Monday, February 21, 2011

The Weekend Recap*Shocking Story!

This past Saturday was my dad's 52nd birthday! We all had tickets to the UK vs. South Carolina basketball game which was a blowout! YAY! So, after working Friday night and only getting 4 hours of sleep, I managed to get ready for the family outing to the game! How? I do not know!
The tickets were in pairs, so I sat with my sis. ***Brace yourselves for this story I'm about to share!*** I've never been more shocked, amazed, disgusted, {insert any synonym of the like!} 
So, Emily {sis} and I got to our seats about 20 minutes early and this couple sat down in front of us about game time. After the National Anthem and starting line up the woman sat down and rummaged through her purse {a purple crocodile printed bag} and pulled out nail clippers, nail file, and purple glittery polish. Oh, let me back-up for one sec...she had already taken off her calf-high boots! So, she proceeds to file her nails, and touch-up her polish.
 Exhibit A:
Then she proceeds to take off her socks and rub/lotion up her feet. 
Exhibit B:
Then there was an awesome play in the game! And everyone in Rupp stands up, and so does she...BAREFOOT!!! At this point Emily and I didn't even pay attention to the game! We were in shock that anyone could stand barefoot on dirty public floors!
OK...Moving the commercial time-outs a few old, but never forgotten players, who are now playing in the NBA were introduced! 
First was Jodie Meeks:
Then Patrick Patterson:
At half time, it's always fun to watch the dance team dance to a re-mix of the hottest songs {you know how they do!}
In the 2nd half, the cheerleaders spell out "KENTUCKY" with their bodies, taking away a cheerleader with each letter. With "K" there are 8 cheerleaders, then 7 for the "E", 6 for the "N", you get the idea. For the "Y" there is usually a celebrity or predominant Kentucky figure. For this game Tim Masthay walked out as the "Y!" He was a kicker for the UK football team before being a Superbowl winner this year for the Green Bay Packers! 
Emily said,"I guess a Superbowl win trumps old basketball players any day!"

What's your favorite color baby? 
{by Living Colour} 
This song is played sometime during a commercial time-out also, and the whole arena yells "BLUE AND WHITE" This weekend was Dance Blue. Dance Blue is a fundraiser to raise money for children's cancer research. At Memorial Coliseum {the old basketball arena}, all the college students participating, dance for 24 hours non-stop! They showed MC on the jumbo screens during the game and all the kids dancing for a great cause! 

This year $673,976.60 was donated! 

After the UK game the fam went to an Italian restaurant, dad's choice, for dinner, then back to my parents house for cake. Here's mom cutting his ice cream cake and some pics of a couple funny B-day cards!
{He wanted a cooking apron because he "likes" cook! {By "like" I mean scramble eggs and grill! Aw dad! So, that was one gift from Em and me! Annnnd he's still wearing it!! It's from Williams-Sonoma, if any of your dad's or hub's or you want one!}
This was my card to him:

 This is from my a couple my parent's are friends with. For you fellow Republicans!

Afterwards, I went out for a couple drinks with a few friends!
Sunday, I met Katherine and Mrs. D for brunch. Then I came home and did loads of laundry! And squeezed in a nap! Of course, my day isn't complete without a nap! Oh, and Stella-baby found the cake my grandmother made for my dad. She's sneaky and had a few bites! {But she hasn't learned how to hide it!}

How was your all's weekend?! Hope it was grand! 


  1. Awwwww. That pic of Stella is soooo cute! I love her!!!
    The Republican Bday card made my day! :)
    The woman at the game...GROSS-TASTIC! Ewwww.
    So glad I got to see you Sunday morning. Brunch was delish and the company was ever better!

  2. Ewwwww! I hate when people touch/rub their feet in public. I want to gag when I have to look at people's nasty toes. I did a post a month or so back about weird things I saw at a college basketball game too! People seriously have no boundaries sometimes and it's not ok (although sometimes entertaining)!

  3. I am not sure how you were able to stay quiet and not say something to “Feet Lady”. She obviously has no respect for anyone around her, much less for the BIG BLUE! Boo!

    YAY for the Patterson, Meeks, & Masthey visits!

  4. I cannot believe someone went to a UK game to rub lotion on their feet! GROSS!!! What a waste of a seat for the game!

    Your little Stella is too cute!! Love the cake all over her mouth, ha!

  5. Ahh where do I begin:
    1 - I LOVE COLLEGE HOOPS! My dad went to UK, I am a proud UCONN fan. Can't wait for March Madness.
    2 - That is so disgusting but hilarious that you took a picture of that lady. You should send it in to Cosmo, they have a section that would be perfect for! Forget what it's called.
    3 - The card gave me a laugh
    4 - Stella!! Such a funny picture.

  6. 1. Gross. I can't get over that lady doing that at the game. Pulling nail clippers out anywhere in public should never be allowed. All I know is that the lady must really like purple. Matching purse and nails. Pretty hot.
    I feel sorry for the girls that were sitting directly in front of her. Knowing a lotioned-up foot was hanging directly behind my shoulder wouldn't add to the enjoyment of my basketball watching.
    2. I like the 'democrat' card. Very nice.
    3. Your dog is the cutest.

  7. My goodness, I had to reread that because I thought you said she filed her TOE NAILS, which would have been even worse. Strange lady.