Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hopeless romantic

When I became old enough to date my parents taught me that the boy was the one that was supposed to make all the effort in the dating "game." {SIDE NOTE:I " " the word game because after years of dating I have learned it is a game. I wasn't taught it was a game, however, I have just come to realize that guys and girls like to play games and when the games are over, so is the relationship. 
I HATE game-playing. I have never been good at it in relationships and think it is ridiculous. It's confusing, a waste of time, and uses too much energy and emotion. Like I said. I wasn't taught by my parents to play them, and would just love to find someone so doesn't want to play them either!}

So, back to main topic at hand, over the years, I have been eased into the guy-mindset by calling a guy first, or suggesting we "hang out" {notice: not ask him out on a date!}, and definitely text first, as this has become a texting world. {How hard is it to dial a phone number? Actually easier these days: hit "call" {the number is saved in his phone}} So I think guy's are losing {or lost} the need to take initiative in old-fashioned ways of courting girls, which I'm so desperately wanting from a guy. Is that too much to ask?!

In today's dating realm {for those of you who are still in it like me}:
Do boys like aggressive girls?
Do boys like girls to ask them out? 
or call them?
Do boys like girls to text them first? all the time?
I think I might give up trying all together!

Here are a few lovely couples from my childhood who are perfectly in love and still to this day still together! :) 

I guess I'm a hopeless romantic that watching countless romantic movies has made me think that the "happily ever after" will happen for me! 

*I hope I don't sound too bitter! {because I'm not or don't mean to be, I just hope and pray daily that THE ONE will step it up in this world of lazy texting!} 


  1. 1. You will never understand men. Just try to understand yourself.

    2. Don't help him ask you out by texting him something nice or polite. I'm glad you're more outgoing and thoughtful than he is, but he doesn't want the help.

    3. It's better not to lift a finger in the beginning.

    These came from an article that I really like and think is true! I LOVE YOU!

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  3. Oh dating... I went through my fair share of frogs before the prince!

    I wasn't allowed to call boys in high school as my mom taught me they were to call me; they were to pursue me. I stuck with this advice (for the most part, especially as I matured during college). My fiance, to this day, still makes fun of me because I wouldn't call him the first several months we dated.

    Not to get sappy, but wait for the pursuit. If a guy is really interested; if he really wants to get to know you, he will make it happen. And that's what you want- someone willing to put himself out there and pursue you. It's tough this day and age (I sound so old!) because I feel as if girls (I've been guilty at times, for sure) make it too easy and the guy has no need to make an effort.

  4. I say girls do not ask guys out. Guys do not like agressive girls. (Maybe I'm old fashioned?)
    I too am a hopeless I feel ya there.
    Seriously, you know who (sadly) gives the best relationship advice? Mr. D. He's brutal...and might tell you what you don't want to hear and/or what everyone else is tiptoe-ing around. He will not sugar coat and he'll tell you exactly like a guy a pretty blunt, easy to understand way.
    Wait it out. Don't settle. (and i are soooo stupid and such a waste of time.)

  5. Your post is my exact thoughts on my feelings towards dating. I'm right there with you. I feel like I'm a little old-fashioned when it comes to dating and I want things to be that way. Sadly, they're often not in the experiences I've had. A lot of times I've had to be the one doing the pursuing...and we see how that's worked out for me.

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog ~ it's nice to know I'm not alone in that hope haha. Your blog is so adorable & I'm your newest follower! :)

  7. Oh girl I'm so glad I found your blog because every post I read I feel exactly the same way! I've been struggling with this issue my entire dating life, but most especially now that I am out of college and the guys I am dating are in their late twenties and STILL game playing/acting like teenagers. Where are the gentlemen?! The guys that always go out their way to pursue me are the ones I'm not interested in. Which makes me wonder, does ignoring a guy make him pursue me? But like you, I hate game-playing and the effort/emotional toll that it takes. If a relationship is really meant to be, I don't think I should have to be sitting there waiting exactly 30 minutes to text him back so that it seems like I don't care. I realize this does not answer your question but just know you aren't alone!

  8. I'm 27 year old college graduate who has a full time job and responsibilities. No I don't want to "hang out sometime". Grow a pair and ask me out to do a pre-planned activity. It doesn't have to be fancy, I like Chick-fil-a! I'm just happy to be out with someone who I enjoy spending time with.
    "Hanging out" makes me think of playing video games or Barbies in my parent's basement.
    So, no I don't want to hang out but I am free for coffee on Tuesday after work.