Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"betcha can't eat just one..."

Lays potato chip company turned the the common phrase, "betcha can't eat just one," into a strategic marketing pitch. I now say the phrase after finding myself munching on a good snack in which I just can't seem to quit! 

I'm specifically talking about, in this post, about Girl Scout Cookies! Did you get your order in yet!? Do you have a designated Girl Scout?! A co-worker has a daughter in Girl Scouts, so as soon as she had the order form posted in our break room, my name was on the list! 

When I was younger my most favorite cookie, was the Peanut Butter Pattie--or Tagalongs. 
This year however, I did not order these at all! I'm kinda sad about it, because it was my favorite cookie for as long as I can remember, and my mom orders me a box every year. Just this year, I decided it's not my favorite anymore. I've never lost a favorite anything before. :( They will still hold a special place in my heart!

But my new favorite, (which as taken over 1st place in the past few years) which I am excited about are Thin Mints! They are just perfect chocolaty-minty-cookie-goodness! And how good are they after being in the freezer!? MmmMmm. I can eat a whole sleeve of these in one sitting if I don't restrict myself. Oops!

I ordered Lemonades and Caramel Delights. I have never liked CD because I don't like the texture of coconut, but that day I ordered i had a craving for them...yes, weird, I know, because i've never eaten them before! 

These are the Lemonades! They are a shortbread cookie with a lemon icing on the bottom. Just a light lemon taste and very good! Nothing too rich! 

These are my 3 picks this year. Hope you found your cookie-seller! I'm craving some right now and can't wait until delivery day soon, sometime next month! Gosh, so many good things are going on in March! I can't wait for it and it's cookies to get here!

Betcha can't eat just one...I KNOW I can't!


  1. I LOVE GSC. Seriously. I love them. I have a huuuuge problem. I also admit, in all honesty, there have been days where I have eaten MORE than 1 box (as in 2) in the same day before!!! That's seriously so so so bad...but I have. And I don't like to share. Not even with Pat. Hahaha.
    My favorites are caramel delights, the oatmeal peanutbutter ones and tagalongs. Oh and the plain shortbread ones are good too.


    I actually got the peanut butter cookie ones! HAH! neeeener neeeener neeener. Although I cannot eat them they are going to the boy toy haha.

    I am on Weight Watchers girlfriend, put these away!!!

  3. I forgot all about it being girl scout cookie time! Since we moved we don't have someone to buy from. Guess I will have to hunt me down a girl scout!

  4. Oh no you didnt! I love girl scout cookies!! yummy!

    Cute blog, you have a new follower :)

  5. Oh, these cookies are so great!! I have a girl scout, so my cookies shall be coming in soon! Peanut Butter Patties & Thin Mints. Although, those Lemonades look really great. I don't think I've had those before...

    Holly =)

  6. yuhm! Look great!!!! I love cookies, gosh, they're ssso good!

    You're blog is really cool, I'm following now, follow me back if you want!!


  7. I love girl scout cookies!! I didn't order any this year though. I was strong and resisted the temptation. I love Tagalongs, but Samoas (what you called Caramel Delights) are my absolute favorite. I'm a fellow Bluegrass State girl too! I live in BG. I'm a new follower. :)

  8. OMG! I think the thing I've missed most since leaving the US in 2008 has been girlscout cookies! They are so good!

  9. I can't believe it's already girl scout time!! I have to call my old troop leader and get some stat. Thanks for the reminder. I also loooove the tagalongs.. and frozen thin mints!

    LOVE your blog, I'm a new follower :)