Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Hodge Podge

Mixed Feelings?
With Valentine's Day just around the corner I've been having mixed feelings. I say I want to have a "hate V-day party" like Jessica Biel's character does in the movie "Valentine's Day," but the real me could never. I'm all talk. I don't want to upset Cupid or the love Gods in hopes that they might bless me with "The One" soon!
Every year I always tell myself, "Oh well, maybe next year!" And here it is another year, and I'm saying, "Oh well, maybe next year!" 

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the holiday because I love the idea of celebrating love, I'm just paitently waiting on God's plan {or Cupid's arrow to hit my one true love in the booty!} to enjoy it fully!

Remember When?
Remember when Valentine's Day was simple like in elementary school where everyone in the class made Valentine's boxes and brought Valentine's for everyone!? I wish I still had my boxes like these from elementary school!

It was so exciting to deliver all the Valentine's to all the classmates then open my box and see all the cute Valentine's from my friends! {Or the boy I had a crush on!}

Sweet Treats
Some Valentine's treats I'll never stop liking:
Sweet little message candies:
or these:

but these are my absolute favorite!!!

This year's plans:
So this Valentine's Day I'll be spending it wih my bestie friend Chelsea and other roommate Steph. We are all going to cook dinner and drink wine and probably watch sappy love movies!

What are all your fun plans!? I'd love to know what you other single girls do on this lovely holiday! And you in-love girls too!


  1. Hang in there right after valentine's day is all the discount heart shaped chocolate! Haha, I do miss those class valentines though, hope you have a good weekend! Virginia

  2. I'm also saying, "Oh well, maybe next year". I've been singing that same song for a few years now. I actually did have a Valentine last year and we did absolutely nothing, so I'm kinda thinking single girl Valentine's Day is just as good.
    One year I went out to dinner with a big group of girlfriends on Valentine's Day. We called it a "Hate the Lovers" dinner. It was fun, but I was still bitter. This year I don't have any plans. I'll probably reward myself with some greasy fast food and watch The Bachelor. Yeah. I'm exciting.

  3. This made me crave those chocolate covered strawberries!! I was at the grocery store and was super tempted to buy those cute little valentines for everyone. Its so much fun. I think the hubby and I have low key plan for Vday but we will see :)

  4. It does not get any better than with your girlfriends. I mean it can, butttt that would my second option! hahaha MOVING right along. Mr. Wonderful is riiiight around the corner!! Actually screw that because NONE of them are Mr. WOnderful...they can come close, buttt...lets be real right? haha

    Valentines Day in K-5 was sooo much fun! Picking out your little Valentines Day cards and sending them to all your friends. THEN came jr high....mean old jr high and braces and headgear and acne...and glasses and your oily skin. Wait, that was me.

    Happy Love Day girlfriend!!!

  5. Cute blog! I just found it and it is adorable! I had completely forgot about my Valentine's Day card box from elementary school! What great memories! Thanks for reminding me! This years hubs and I are having a low-key V Day! I am 5 mos preggos and we are having a nice dinner out at a little Italian restaurant! I am craving Italian!
    I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!