Monday, February 7, 2011

Emerson Made

I stumbled across this website Emerson Made and am lusting over basically everything on the site! Not only are the clothes adorable, she and her site are adorable! 

Here is a preview of a few outfits I would love to have in my possession! 

How cute?! I see myself wearing these to Keeneland for the Spring meet!
{I'm trying to save some moo-lah, so maybe after I get my tax returns, I can order something, but until then I just wanted to share how adorable her stuff is!} 


  1. I LOVE meeting fellow bloggers from the bluegrass! I do not live in Lexington but hofeully will by the summer after graduating in May! Stella is soo cute! And I am going to check out this Emerson Made website of which you speak of....all I need is another online website to lust over! haha.

  2. I love love love Emerson! Isn't their stuff just divine? LOVE!

  3. I love everything on Emerson Made!! I have been eyeing the big Sunday White Wild Rose pin for a few months, I think it would be so cute on a dress in the summer!!! Or perfect for Keeneland in April, too!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing!! Love love LOVE! So perfect for Spring Keeneland!! Eee! I'm even more excited for Spring than I already was:)

  5. Cute stuff! I just started following your blog. Are you a fellow Tri Delta?