Sunday, February 13, 2011

a nurse's valentine

*Note: If you have not yet seen "No Strings Attached" you may not want to read much further, BUT what I am going to talk about isn't going to give much of the movie away. This is only a small scene recap!
{BTW: You need to see this movie! It is way cute!}

So, one of my favorite parts is when Ashton begs Natalie for a date and she finally says YES and he picks her up at the hospital. She gets in the car and gives him a homemade {or hospital-made} card! It has a picture of a heart on the front with band-aids and she reads something like, "You give my heart premature ventricular contractions." 

I think I was the only person the entire packed theater who actually said, ''Awww" out loud! HaHa! Probably because there were 6 year olds in the movie and don't know what PVCs are!!! And what parent let 6 year olds into a movie about sex anyways?! Yes, I'm serious! Can you believe!? But, that's a completely different topic...parents these days...geez! 

Anyways, to this nurse, the card Natalie Portman made for Ashton was super cute and I absolutely loved it. It was simple, honest, sweet and encompassed her medical background. {I might actually use it one day, when I have a Valentine! ha!}

A true crush or true love will always make your heart have that "skip a beat" feeling!

P.S. I have a heart rhythm test Tuesday. I NEED to get to studyin'! {I'm a terrible procrastinator} I rarely see abnormal rhythms so I need to refresh! 


  1. aww i def want to see that movie :) great review dear! xoox love your blog!

  2. Hope you had a good Valentine's Day, lady!
    I nominated you for a breathtaking blog award since your blog is so cute! Check out my blog for what to do! :) Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. I lovvveeeeeeeeed this movie!! And that was one of my favorite parts! I also liked the outfits in this scene... he looks a little goofy in the plaid jacket but it was fitting for him.

  4. Hey just found your blog... love it.. Im a nurse too!