Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wish list...

I recently received a Restoration Hardware catalogue in the mail and found a bed that I'm absolutely IN LOVE with. I still use the bedroom suit of cheap furniture I bought in college which looks ok...but I would love an upgrade. Working night shift has left me depleted of energy and I spend lots of time sleeping and I am now obsessing over this...

Just think...a cloud-like mattress, puffy pillows, and a fan over head...I would never want to leave dreamland. I might need to work a few ton of extra shifts to pay for that piece of luxury!

I am on the prowl for some summer wedges and found these. I am 5'7.5'' and these puppies have a 4.5 inch heel! Not sure how I feel about being 6 foot tall! I already have a hard enough time finding a guy...this will add more trouble!

Every year or so I get a decorating/re-decorating kick.'s here and in full force! You all saw the laundry room make-over. And I've got TONS of other ideas in my head just brewing. Well, also in this Restoration Hardware catalogue, I found a bathroom wall-mount cabinet. It would serve 2 purposes: 1. A place to store more of my crap beautifying products, because all the room under my sink is gone and 2. take up empty/ugly wall space.

That's all for now...I can't add too much to my wish list or I'll be needing to work so much overtime I won't have a day off for then next few years! C'mon girls, I need your help finding a second income so I can decorate my dream home and fill my dream closet!


  1. I need that second income too! I LOVE that bathroom cabinet, super cute!

  2. That bed is gorgeous! Oh my you should definitely splurge on that some day!

  3. This stuff is all so adorable! I admit that I am not great on decorating my room. In fact, there are no decorations. i need to get on that.

    And I need those wedges because I'm 5'2" and need some height haha!

  4. I really like that medicine cabinet!