Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i'm sure i'll forget something...

My condensed ToDo List:

Even with this list, I'm guaranteed to forget something! 100%

Allllllll week at work I have carried a list {or 3} in my pocket and added to it them, things I need to pack, go shopping for, and music I need to add to my ipod for my road trip to Miami--->then to board the ship! Yes, we thought it would be fun to drive all the way to MIA and back...we will be kicking ourselves next Sunday when we step off the ship and have a lonnnnnnnggggg drive home. 
 Destination: Caribbean Islands!

{some island music for your listening pleasure!}

I have an 8 hour orientation today to the new hospital that UK is building in which my unit is moving into at the end of May. So at 11 pm tonight my work week is officially over and vacation Professional Leave for Nursing seminar trip begins! {And so do the multiple errands I have to run} 

Why before trips, do I soooooooo much shopping to do, when I have plenty to get ready with at home now!? Maybe it's just me?! HaHa!

I'll explain a little more about the trip & seminar Friday!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I am SO jealous! Have a wonderful time! I always end up doing so much shopping before a trip, too. There's always something (or 100 somethings!) you need before a trip. I always seem to make a big Target or Wal-Mart run and spend WAY too much money.

  2. your blog is beautiful and you are so cute!! excited to have found it :)

  3. again, i'm sooooo jealous. but i know you will have a wonderful time!!! xoxoxoxo

  4. Hey there Lauren! So nice to stumble upon your darling blog! Hope you are having a productive Wednesday and getting your to do's crossed off your list - nothing better than checking things off as you get them accomplished!! :) Also how exciting about your upcoming vacation to the Carribbean! Happy to be following your adventures now :) Oh and your little pup is PRECIOUS! xoxo - Trishy

  5. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog! I'm glad you stumbled upon my little blog so now I have a new awesome blog to follow--yours! Sounds like you are busy...I LOVE to-do lists too! {I just never get them checked off as fast as I want...} I look forward to reading more... Have a great Thursday!