Thursday, March 10, 2011

new years resolutions check up!

Well, it's now been a few months since we all made our new years resolutions. I'm guilty of reverting back to "my old ways," but this year I'm trying harder to keep to my resolutions!

These are a few I made:

Work harder on my finances. I want to pay down/off my (1!) credit card and save money. In the last year 1/2 I have bought a house and car so I need stop my careless spending. I have a *love* like every other girl for shopping and furnishing my new house, but need to keep my good credit score also!

{Side note: I think these commercials are so catchy! Haha}

Be more positive. I've been in a serious funk lately and not myself. I don't know if it's the cold, dreary weather, my pale sunless skin, blah hair which I'm trying to grow out and seems like I cannot style at all right now, or...the list goes on...Things at work have been negative, too. I won't expand much on that topic, but bottom line is I'm usually a very positive person and I hate that I haven't been my usual peppy self. I need a turn around ASAP! And I'm sure everyone else around me does too!

{I went with one of my best friends who I've known since I was 2 years old tonight to get a bite to eat and when she dropped me off we sat in the car for another hour and had more girl-talk time. Much needed! Thanks, KK! ~She's been KH for 5 years now, I just have a hard time adjusting to her married name! ha}

Stop being critical of others. I'm guilty. I need to stop being critical of other's because God says we shouldn't. I don't want others critiquing/judging me, because they don't know me, so I need to stop this! 

Work out regularly. Uhhh....yeah...I'm not doing so well on this one. No excuses. 

Read more. I'm really bad at reading a book, then going on a reading hiatus/drought for about 6 months in between books. So, with the help of Mrs. D and creating a book club which we have mentioned in previous posts, I have already been reading! Any suggestions for us? 

I hope to keep to my resolutions throughout the rest of year the year! 
What were your resolutions? Have you been sticking to 'em?!


  1. The Help is a great southern read, if you all haven't read that one, yet! I love to read and actually have to keep myself from picking up a good book during the semester as I will read instead of get things done for school.

    Great idea to post about keeping your resolutions!

  2. Well it looks like you're doing better than I am with the resolutions list. I plan to re-visit mine at the 6 month mark to see my progress. Reading was one of my resolutions, hence, the book club. Oh...and I've been in a funk too. I think a lot is the weather, the new budget (having to tell myself and other "no" a lot more often), etc. Don't worry...spring is right around the corner and I'm sure it will pick us both right up! :)

  3. Such an awesome resolution list and sounds like you are doing pretty well - at least you haven't chucked any of them in for good!

    Found your blog via Christine and Bun&Borough and LOVE it!
    Looking forward to being your newest follower x

  4. I've been looking back at my resolutions too...not doing so well!! I did go re-join the gym today so that's a little progress. If you find the secret to not being critical, please share! I'm AWFUL!!!