Thursday, June 2, 2011

feeding my habit

I have been kinda busy and haven't had much time to update on what's been going on in my world. But I've sorta got a new obsession which I can't afford and wish I could...Let's call it...
"Health {and beauty} maintenance"
I have a really tense neck, due to my job. NO, seriously, I do. Not an excuse! One day I walked into a massage center and had a wonderful hour of neck and shoulder work. For me, it's not's work! But afterwards I went to pay and this lovely lady asked me if I wanted to sign up for their membership program. I listened to her little speech...blah...blah...nod, smile, 20% off......WAIT...Wha she say? and to think I was just about to say, "No, thanks" like I do to everything else! But this was something different. This was something I could benefit from. This was something for my health. This was something I needed. Plus I got a discount! So, I joined! I was going pretty regularly anyways for my awful, painful, job causing tensed neck. Now, I could get a massage every month for 20% off. Here comes the cure!
my thinking:
Job ---> Stress ---> Neck & Shoulder pain ---> massage ---> less stress on body

Well, I've stayed in "da club" for over a year, but I've tried to find ways to save money lately and this was one of the things I decided I didn't need. {But my neck really hurts sooooo bad. I really do need a massage right about now!} So, I reluctantly called {because I know my weak self would cave if I was there in person and not go through with it} and told the receptionist I wanted to cancel my membership. Well, well, well...aren't they sly. She gave me the option to "freeze" my account for 3 or 6 months so I could decide what to do. PERFECT OPTION! So right now, my account is on hold for a couple fore months. That way I can get my finances under control OR FIND A MAN TO GIVE ME A FREE MASSAGE. Hopefully, the latter will happen so I can just cancel and I'll get:
1. a free massage
2. finances under control
3. a man in my life
*importance not in this order {wink wink}

A few months ago an awesome Groupon deal was offered. It was 50% off a facial service at a local skin medical spa. I was so excited to buy it! It was my first Groupon I bought! And I bought 2! Lately, I've had pretty bad uncontrollable skin issues and so I've been to see a dermatologist and I thought this would help as well. So, this past Tuesday I had my first facial appointment. With the Groupon you could choose a diamond head microdermabrasion, a chemical peel, or a regular facial.  The aesthetician suggested the microdermabrasion for me. This procedure boosts collagen, the fiber which minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. She described it as a cat licking you, but I don't like cats, so I don't know what that feels like! It felt weirdly good. Like a sandpaper suction cup was being run all across my face. Now, I'm interested in all the other other services: chemical peels, photorejuvenation, BOTOX and dermal fillers. 

And then of course there is the all important mani/pedi. I have a job which requires me to use my hands for 12 hours a day and I constantly and taking and removing gloves. SO, my nails look like crap most of the time. And, it's kinda a rule I'm not allowed to wear any kind of nail polish. So, when I'm not working, having my nails done is a treat. Along with this money saving {or less spending} kick I've been on, I cut out mani/pedis thinking I would do them myself. On vacation last month my sister took one look at my toes and said I needed a  pedicure like I needed food and water. Basically, it was a necessity. Last week, I finally broke down and treated myself to a mani/pedi and I'm wondering why I quit going...oh yeah, to save money. Dang! 

Another groupon I recently bought was for laser hair removal. It was for 77% off the original treatment cost. Hard to pass up. Dang you Groupon! I've decided I'm going to do my underarms. Who wants to keep shaving or in my case waxing in the summer?! But I'd like to have other things done too....ya know, bikini/brazilian {TMI?}, my arms and legs. Shaving is so time consuming. And it never fails I always cut myself. If I only had a few thousand dollars laying around...

After going to the dermatologist for the past few months and trying to get my skin under control I'm gonna give this bad boy a try. I've heard nothing but good reviews.

In Women's Health magazine I saw this on a beauty products page and I'm gonna give it a try. Maybe it can be the substitute to the expensive facial treatments?! Topical Vitamin A. This is what the magazine blurb says,"If you use only one anti-aging product make it topical vitamin A, which unclogs pores, prevents the buildup of dead skin cells, diminishes lines, lightens dark spots, and makes skin glow. Apply a pea-size amount of topical vitamin A cream to your face every night unless you're pregnant or breastfeeding-it can be toxic to babies. The trick is to switch your potions seasonally. Use a prescription retinol in the winter (Renova is an emollient, moisturizing option that agrees with sensitive skin) and downsize to a gentler, over-the-counter version during the summertime to minimize redness when exposed to UV rays. Try Roc Retinol Correxion Sensitive Night Cream $30." -Women's Health contributor Francesca Fusco, M.D. assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine

All of these procedures are great and leave you feeling refreshed and stop the signs of aging before they start--keep you looking young, but they are so expensive! I'm trying to be more financially savvy. And I need to realize I don't have an extra $100 a month for one of the cheaper of these procedures. What's a girl to do...!?

Do you have any cheaper beauty secrets or allow yourself any luxuries?!

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  1. Girl I feel ya on the massage! I've never done the membership thing but have been known to call up the Massage Center on a whim and schedule an appointment. Sometimes you just NEED it right now! Also, give us an update on the hair removal! I did an underarm wax once last year and was not really happy...she didn't really get everything so it wasn't lasting for me. I've wanted to do a bikini/brazilian wax but am scared. to. death! I get really bad razor rash on the bikini area and look dumb in a swimsuit! If you work up the nerve...give us a review! haha! See you Friday I hope!! :)