Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My exciting 6 days off...

One thing I love about my job is that I only work 3 days a week. Those are loonnggg and hard 3 nights, BUT I can schedule myself how I want and I can strategically schedule myself to have a up to 8 days off in a row without taking any vacation time! This week I randomly had 6 days off and no plans to go anywhere. Let's see what I did...


I think I didn't leave my couch for 18 hours! The night shift really takes it out of me! And it takes a day or two to switch over to "normalcy" If I ever really get to that...
Also Friday, I went with some friends to a local bar for a drink or two...

Shopping around town for our Dr gifts {post to follow}
Dinner with some friends out on a patio. The weather was nothing but absolutely PERFECT! 
Downtown for some late night fun!
my picture taking has really been slacking sorry...

Church & lunch with the fam
Then my trip to Lowes and my home decor project! {Post to follow...}

My cousin sells Mary Kay make up and I hosted a party for her. There were 7 of us girls having a little facial party! Sadly I forgot to take any pictures...but really you wouldn't want to see my makeup-less face!
For hosting, I got $100 of product for $35!!! SCORE. I've never used their I'll trial them and report back! 
I got...

Firming eye cream
Gotta stop those wrinkles before they start!

Fights fine lines, boots collagen, refines pores, and achieve beautifully looking skin.
85% saw an improvement in skin texture
73% saw a reduction in fine lines
71% saw smaller looking pores

Pressed Mineral Powder
My powder is almost out, so good reason to get a new one now anyways.

Paid fun...
I went to Chase bank to pay the difference in an Escrow on my mortgage payment and I talked to the banker about the details...nothing I understand. Then I was about to stand up and leave and she says,"I see you don't have your primary banking with us, where do you bank?" I respond and say the bank that I use and she proceeds to turn into a sales woman for Chase bank. I sit and listen to everything she says while thinking...
-This was supposed to be a quick errand
-Her headband isn't very becoming on her
-Nod and smile
-What is a good question {not knowing banking information} I can ask that the current bank I use as a competitor does better?
-It's just a royal pain to transfer everything. I'm sure your bank is grand. I just don't want the hassle. 
Then I politely respond and say I'll discuss it with my parents because they are my financial advisors. Again, I stood up and tried to leave and she said she was going to go get the mortgage person to come talk to me regarding interest rates and see if he could get my interest rate lower. This would be a GREAT benefit...but luckily he was on a conference call. I do NOT understand this stuff and I really do need my parents present to discuss and TRANSLATE. My brain is medical trained. Not biz/banking. So she took all my info and wants to follow up.
Again, I'm sure your bank is grand, I just don't want the hassle of transferring. 

Then I went to the mall.........
I intended on buying 1 thing. 1 thing only. I repeat 1 thing only was my intention.
This is the 1 thing I went for: 
Eye primer

It was cloudy and overcast today. I blame the weather. If it had been sunny this wouldn't have happened.

While I was there I also bought my BFF's favorite lipgloss by Hourglass called Origami. She absolutely loves it and I've never found one GO-TO, I'm trying this one this time around. 

I have about a zillion perfumes. Maybe a zillion and one. Because I have this many I've never used a whole bottle of any one of them...UNTIL NOW! I used my entire bottle of Chloe. I LOVE it THAT MUCH! So today I also bought a new bottle. One of sales girls showed me a gift set that was a perfume AND a lotion for the same price as a single perfume bottle. Good deal Lauren!

I'm very particular about hair volumizer. The worst probably. I have quite a few expensive salon root lifter, volumizer, mousse products under my sink that were basically used only a few times because in my opinion they were crap! I would really like to know how much money I've wasted spent on these worthless products. So, I'm always on the prowl for a new, better one! This is risky business here people! I was a little skeptical after all the failed attempts at salon caliber and expensive products. The best one I've found is...drum roll please...$4. So, I bit the bullet and paid the $26, but after using it today...I was pleased! I think I'll keep it! 

All these items ON SALE!!!

I also got a few other things, just no picture to show.

I'm really upset about this weather...I was hoping for sunny lay out weather on my days off...but no, they decide to show up when I go back to work...

Well that was my recap of the last week...
Do you all have fun 4th of July plans?! 


  1. I am absolutely dying to see Bridesmaids!! Have been so busy recently so haven't had a chance to yet but it's next on my "to do" list :)was it good?


  2. Okay, I'm liking all your pictures. That always happens to me when I go to the mall/Sephora/makeup counters. I think I'll definitely take your $4 root volumizer recommendation because I LOVE LOVE LOVE that hairspray you recommended.

  3. I loved Bridesmaids!! It was pretty funny!