Monday, June 20, 2011


With that being said...My roommate and friend Stephy is getting married and I NEED a dress to wear for her
 "Oh So Special" occasion!
I'm probably the most indecisive person on the planet {a quality I need to work on...} but until then...

Option 1

Option 2
{same dress, obv. different color}

Option 3
{concern: not dressy enough???}

Option 4

Option 5

Keep in mind there are going to be MANY single, attractive fellas at this wedding! :) Please vote on a dress for me! Thank you!


  1. That card is too funny! Love it! I like the second option. It is perfect for a summer wedding in my opinion. (:

  2. Love the card as well! and Option Number 2 is definatly my pick! the color is great and very eye catching!! But option 4 is a close second, guys like red !!

  3. That card describes perfectly the kind of Father's Day I usually give my dad. Aw. I have an art of making it all about me. ;) I guess we really are a lot alike.
    I am also one of the most indecisive people on the planet, but for your dress contest, I can make up my mind easily. I am casting my vote for Option #2 as well. No question. That dress is beautimous. Looks like it's the clear winner so far! I like the color on 2 better than 1. Also, I love dress #3 but I like #2 even more.
    Um, and "MANY single, attractive fellas"? Maybe I should be going to this wedding with you as your "date" so we can both find our single, attractive fella.

  4. Love #2 It'lll look beautiful! the other options are pretty but #2 is just gorg=)

  5. I'm going to have to go with the red! Classy and simple yet sexy. You'll stand out to the fellas :) And it's timeless. You can wear it over and over!


  6. I REALLY like number 1 but I would worry about the color scheme at a wedding, so I vote number 2! because I love the style AND color! Where is that dress from?!

  7. Option #2 is by far my fav and seems most wedding-appropriate! I think the color and style will look great on you! It is going to scream to the fellas "My name is Lauren, I'm hot, and you can take me home to mom and be proud of me." ;)

  8. Hmmmmm..... I am so torn!I think 1 or 4. I am also obsessed with 5, too, though!!

  9. Love the card! And I think dress #1 is my favorite!