Monday, April 9, 2012

Shopping Sephora sale

I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday! My day was spent going to church, sleeping, dinner with some family friends {27 year tradition}, and then off to work. I hope you all feel as blessed as I do!

Now, on to today's topic...

Sephora had their 15% off deal going on last week and I had my eye on the first 2 items for sometime now. 
So, I decided to spend the rest of my tax return monies on them! haha. I'll never pass up a sale.
{Another post coming soon about my RueLaLa purchases!}

Here's what I got:
I got the package in the mail yesterday and tried the infamous Mia! It's replacing the current {off-brand} spin brush I currently have. Hope to see some good results soon! 

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Airbrush #57

This was an accidental click into the shopping bag, and I didn't catch my mistake :(

This is the one I MEANT to get:

Do you all like Bumble and Bumble products? What's your favorite for BIGGER hair!? That's my goal! 

Did you shop the Sephora sale?! What were your purchases?!

Don't worry, I will get to our opening weekend of Keeneland photos soon!


  1. I shopped the Sephora sale as well! I think knowing I would get the 15% off made me shop more. Basically I purchased all new makeup and forgot about brushes :( A few purchases made were:

    -Nars Illuminator
    -Smashbox Halo bronzer
    -Benefit Their Real Mascara
    -Two Faced Natural Eyeshadow
    -Smashbox gloss
    -Nars Pinky Blush

    Hope you enjoy your purchases! I have the clarisonic and LOVE IT!

  2. Ahhh this reminds me that I completely spaced the Sephora sale! Oops! I'm anxious to see how the brush works for you. I've considered buying it in the past! Have a great Monday :) xoxo, morgan

  3. I can never pass up a Sephora sale....
    Hope you love the Mia! I haven't been using mine... need to get back into the routine!

  4. I really like my Mia. It helps get the gunk out! Sephora is my fav :) I have a gift card I need to spend...hmm...and if you find a secret for bigger hair let me know. Mine is flat.

  5. I love all things Bumble and Bumble. Ive never had a product of theirs I dont like!

    Can't wait to see your Keeneland pictures! Im going this weekend and couldnt be more excited!!