Monday, April 2, 2012

You don't want me as your navigational guide.

Remember last week when I told you of the wedding I had to go to in Louisville the day of our Final Four game against Louisville?! was quite an experience, let me tell ya! For future reference, you don't want me to be your directional guide, or for that matter, you don't want my GPS as a guide either!

I got off work at 7:30 AM Saturday morning, had my bags packed in the car, clocked out and drove straight to Louisville. I got to my grandparents house in record time. There was ZERO traffic and no police on the road {they had more important places to be on this day...downtown LEX and LOU} so I kicked the speed up to mid-80s. My grandmother had scrambled eggs and toast for me. I ate it and talked to my grandparents for about 10-15 minutes then headed to bed. I only slept 4 hours. And if you know me, you know I sleep A LOT, and need it to function. So, I got ready and then typed in the address to the church. The wedding was at 4:30pm.

Granddaddy and I. He's in his UK shirt!

I'm heading downtown and listen to Ms. GPS European accent telling me where to turn. There is a portion of the road where the church was that is walking only--4th St for those familiar with downtown Louisville. I obviously couldn't park there, so I had to find an alternate street/garage. I circled a few times looking for street parking and kept hearing,"Recalculating, Recalculating." Then she says,"turn RIGHT on 5th St." As soon as I turned right, i realized cars were coming TOWARDS me! A biker looked hysterical and motioned for me to turn around! Luckily I had room, and made a U-y. She's now not so trustworthy!

By now it was 4:15. I was stressing because I like to be "on-time" per etiquette to weddings 30 minutes early. So, I just parked at the next spot and decided to start walking in my high heels! I walked all the way around the block looking for the address 321. I started at 300 and the block ended at 400. And there was NO church. Just the bar district. I had on my UK BLUE dress and was by myself in the crowd of red. Luckily, no one heckled me! I guess I had on my, "I mean biz, don't mess with me" face!

Just before I got back to my car one of my earrings fell out, I stepped on it, and broke it. Not a good day.

I got back to the car and looked at the invitation again. I. COULD.HAVE.DIED. The address was 821, not 321. So much for my glasses helping my eye-sight. Or the print was just too small! I headed that way, but it was already 5:00. I wasn't going to walk into a service that was almost over, so I decided to just go drop off the gift at the reception hall and come home. She was having a cocktail hour after the wedding before the reception started {so they could take pictures} So, I would've had to wait a while to see her.

After all that effort to get there, stress about the rival fans, not getting there on time, and my favorite earring breaking, I was devastated. I cried in the car on my way home. I hope Shea didn't notice or will find this story funny, one day.

One positive least I didn't fall in my high heels in front of all those drunk people!

I used to think I had a pretty good sense of direction, "used to" being key words. 


  1. did you go to the reception? or missed the whole thing??? Im sorry to hear of your bad day you poor thing! I would've cried too!

  2. Just found your blog & thought I'd say hello :)
    I'm sure your friend is awesome, but who schedules a wedding during March Madness??? haha.
    Love your blog so far, I'm a new follower.

    I'd love if you checked out my blog, I'm also from Kentucky.. although I am a Louisville fan, we can still be friends. haha!


  3. Oh my goodness... what a day!! The other morning I drove around for more than an hour because I was lost and couldn't figure out what direction I was going in, so I know the feeling! Hope you're having a good week, and you look beautiful in that blue!

  4. Crazy day! I LOVE that blue dress!

  5. I get crazy bad travel anxiety!! I hate not knowing where I am going. This sounds exactly like something that would happen to me.
    Well... I absolutely loved your dress!

  6. Sounds like something that would happen to me!

  7. Aw you poor thing! Do you have a Garmin GPS? Because I do and I swear it messes with me! Always tells me to go the wrong way :( You looked great though!