Monday, February 28, 2011


I joined a book club, started by the fabulous Mrs. D, and our first meeting was yesterday! I joined for a few different reasons: I've never been one to A. start...and B. finish a book. So, I thought this would be a good way for me to force myself to actually finish an entire book! I wanted to branch out and read more books than my typical love story by Nicholas Sparks. I need a new variety! And to meet people! I met a couple new girls who are so sweet and I can't wait to get to know them better! We discussed the book and obviously talked about many other things that did not relate to the book at all! And had a few mimosas! I think some other girls couldn't make it, and are going to be at next month's meeting. Can't wait to meet them as well! 
So, Thanks Brit for the idea and organizing everything! 

The book we had chosen to read for out first "club meeting" was
{I read the book last 3 days!}
I just wanted to share the one and only quote I flagged in the book. There were so many more I should have marked for sharing! I'll remember for next time! 

 "There is only dishonor in not racing because you are afraid to lose."

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Noteworthy Giveaways!

While browsing blogs I found 2 awesome giveaways! You should check them out!
FIRST: is HERE and is this lovely summer dress!

SECOND: is HERE and is a $50 credit to:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

respect and responsibility

Preface: this post may be a little harsh, but I'm not going to apologize for it because it is my opinion, and I'm not going to be ashamed of my opinions. This post could lead in so many different directions, but I'm not going to get into all...we could be here for days...and days...And I hope I don't offend anyone, that is truly not my intent. Again, it's just an opinion. 

There is currently a patient at work who is 22 years old, 375lbs who "sits at home all day and plays video games with his father." As quoted by his mother. The patient's behavior is very demanding and hostile. The past two nights I have worked, I heard the patient call his nurse, and more importantly, his mother a "bitch" multiple times. {Add a few other choice descriptive words to give the term some added flavor, but I won't be sharing on here!} He also has attempted hitting nurses, with one very successful hit to a female nurse. 

My thoughts:
Why is he "sitting at home all day playing video games with his father {at the age of 22}?"
Why does he not have a JOB?
Who is going to pay for his medical bills after being in the hospital?
I'll go ahead an answer this one...YOU AND ME! BECAUSE WE HAVE A JOB, AND PAY TAXES! 

The most concerning thing to me though, out of the entire situation is that the patient has ZERO respect for anyone. He doesn't respect the nurses taking care of him and who are trying to help him get better. But again, more importantly, when I heard him call his own mother a B**** I was completely shocked. 

I know parents get really upset when people without kids try to parent/give parenting advice, but I want to know what happened to the parenting here? 
This is what is wrong with America/society/children today. There isn't respect or responsibility being taught anymore {it seems like.}

If I ever talked disrespectful to my parents, I would get spanked or grounded. And YES, I agree in spanking! I was a child productive spanking, and I'm all for it! But, that's another post all in itself! SO, if I ever said anything disrespectful to anyone else, the punishment was worse! 

I'm just in amazement as to people's {adults} behavior. 
And to the lack of parenting.

I'm so thankful to have involved parents who wanted to teach me life lessons and the importance of respect {in yourself and for others} and responsibility. I think they are two of the greatest qualities to have. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Weekend Recap*Shocking Story!

This past Saturday was my dad's 52nd birthday! We all had tickets to the UK vs. South Carolina basketball game which was a blowout! YAY! So, after working Friday night and only getting 4 hours of sleep, I managed to get ready for the family outing to the game! How? I do not know!
The tickets were in pairs, so I sat with my sis. ***Brace yourselves for this story I'm about to share!*** I've never been more shocked, amazed, disgusted, {insert any synonym of the like!} 
So, Emily {sis} and I got to our seats about 20 minutes early and this couple sat down in front of us about game time. After the National Anthem and starting line up the woman sat down and rummaged through her purse {a purple crocodile printed bag} and pulled out nail clippers, nail file, and purple glittery polish. Oh, let me back-up for one sec...she had already taken off her calf-high boots! So, she proceeds to file her nails, and touch-up her polish.
 Exhibit A:
Then she proceeds to take off her socks and rub/lotion up her feet. 
Exhibit B:
Then there was an awesome play in the game! And everyone in Rupp stands up, and so does she...BAREFOOT!!! At this point Emily and I didn't even pay attention to the game! We were in shock that anyone could stand barefoot on dirty public floors!
OK...Moving the commercial time-outs a few old, but never forgotten players, who are now playing in the NBA were introduced! 
First was Jodie Meeks:
Then Patrick Patterson:
At half time, it's always fun to watch the dance team dance to a re-mix of the hottest songs {you know how they do!}
In the 2nd half, the cheerleaders spell out "KENTUCKY" with their bodies, taking away a cheerleader with each letter. With "K" there are 8 cheerleaders, then 7 for the "E", 6 for the "N", you get the idea. For the "Y" there is usually a celebrity or predominant Kentucky figure. For this game Tim Masthay walked out as the "Y!" He was a kicker for the UK football team before being a Superbowl winner this year for the Green Bay Packers! 
Emily said,"I guess a Superbowl win trumps old basketball players any day!"

What's your favorite color baby? 
{by Living Colour} 
This song is played sometime during a commercial time-out also, and the whole arena yells "BLUE AND WHITE" This weekend was Dance Blue. Dance Blue is a fundraiser to raise money for children's cancer research. At Memorial Coliseum {the old basketball arena}, all the college students participating, dance for 24 hours non-stop! They showed MC on the jumbo screens during the game and all the kids dancing for a great cause! 

This year $673,976.60 was donated! 

After the UK game the fam went to an Italian restaurant, dad's choice, for dinner, then back to my parents house for cake. Here's mom cutting his ice cream cake and some pics of a couple funny B-day cards!
{He wanted a cooking apron because he "likes" cook! {By "like" I mean scramble eggs and grill! Aw dad! So, that was one gift from Em and me! Annnnd he's still wearing it!! It's from Williams-Sonoma, if any of your dad's or hub's or you want one!}
This was my card to him:

 This is from my a couple my parent's are friends with. For you fellow Republicans!

Afterwards, I went out for a couple drinks with a few friends!
Sunday, I met Katherine and Mrs. D for brunch. Then I came home and did loads of laundry! And squeezed in a nap! Of course, my day isn't complete without a nap! Oh, and Stella-baby found the cake my grandmother made for my dad. She's sneaky and had a few bites! {But she hasn't learned how to hide it!}

How was your all's weekend?! Hope it was grand! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011


My bestie friend Chelsea is hosting a GIVEAWAY! You should checkout her awesome blog HERE enter for your chance to win!
This is the item she is giving away! It is perfect for getting in the Spring-time mood! How adorable!

I found another giveaway this morning! It's a gift card! Check it out HERE 
It is from CNS Stores. Any home improvements or furnishings you can think of can be found here! I have been browsing and have so many ideas of things I want to do to my own home!
A gift card is so practical! So you can put it toward exactly what you want to buy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hopeless romantic

When I became old enough to date my parents taught me that the boy was the one that was supposed to make all the effort in the dating "game." {SIDE NOTE:I " " the word game because after years of dating I have learned it is a game. I wasn't taught it was a game, however, I have just come to realize that guys and girls like to play games and when the games are over, so is the relationship. 
I HATE game-playing. I have never been good at it in relationships and think it is ridiculous. It's confusing, a waste of time, and uses too much energy and emotion. Like I said. I wasn't taught by my parents to play them, and would just love to find someone so doesn't want to play them either!}

So, back to main topic at hand, over the years, I have been eased into the guy-mindset by calling a guy first, or suggesting we "hang out" {notice: not ask him out on a date!}, and definitely text first, as this has become a texting world. {How hard is it to dial a phone number? Actually easier these days: hit "call" {the number is saved in his phone}} So I think guy's are losing {or lost} the need to take initiative in old-fashioned ways of courting girls, which I'm so desperately wanting from a guy. Is that too much to ask?!

In today's dating realm {for those of you who are still in it like me}:
Do boys like aggressive girls?
Do boys like girls to ask them out? 
or call them?
Do boys like girls to text them first? all the time?
I think I might give up trying all together!

Here are a few lovely couples from my childhood who are perfectly in love and still to this day still together! :) 

I guess I'm a hopeless romantic that watching countless romantic movies has made me think that the "happily ever after" will happen for me! 

*I hope I don't sound too bitter! {because I'm not or don't mean to be, I just hope and pray daily that THE ONE will step it up in this world of lazy texting!} 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

a nurse's valentine

*Note: If you have not yet seen "No Strings Attached" you may not want to read much further, BUT what I am going to talk about isn't going to give much of the movie away. This is only a small scene recap!
{BTW: You need to see this movie! It is way cute!}

So, one of my favorite parts is when Ashton begs Natalie for a date and she finally says YES and he picks her up at the hospital. She gets in the car and gives him a homemade {or hospital-made} card! It has a picture of a heart on the front with band-aids and she reads something like, "You give my heart premature ventricular contractions." 

I think I was the only person the entire packed theater who actually said, ''Awww" out loud! HaHa! Probably because there were 6 year olds in the movie and don't know what PVCs are!!! And what parent let 6 year olds into a movie about sex anyways?! Yes, I'm serious! Can you believe!? But, that's a completely different topic...parents these days...geez! 

Anyways, to this nurse, the card Natalie Portman made for Ashton was super cute and I absolutely loved it. It was simple, honest, sweet and encompassed her medical background. {I might actually use it one day, when I have a Valentine! ha!}

A true crush or true love will always make your heart have that "skip a beat" feeling!

P.S. I have a heart rhythm test Tuesday. I NEED to get to studyin'! {I'm a terrible procrastinator} I rarely see abnormal rhythms so I need to refresh! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Hodge Podge

Mixed Feelings?
With Valentine's Day just around the corner I've been having mixed feelings. I say I want to have a "hate V-day party" like Jessica Biel's character does in the movie "Valentine's Day," but the real me could never. I'm all talk. I don't want to upset Cupid or the love Gods in hopes that they might bless me with "The One" soon!
Every year I always tell myself, "Oh well, maybe next year!" And here it is another year, and I'm saying, "Oh well, maybe next year!" 

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the holiday because I love the idea of celebrating love, I'm just paitently waiting on God's plan {or Cupid's arrow to hit my one true love in the booty!} to enjoy it fully!

Remember When?
Remember when Valentine's Day was simple like in elementary school where everyone in the class made Valentine's boxes and brought Valentine's for everyone!? I wish I still had my boxes like these from elementary school!

It was so exciting to deliver all the Valentine's to all the classmates then open my box and see all the cute Valentine's from my friends! {Or the boy I had a crush on!}

Sweet Treats
Some Valentine's treats I'll never stop liking:
Sweet little message candies:
or these:

but these are my absolute favorite!!!

This year's plans:
So this Valentine's Day I'll be spending it wih my bestie friend Chelsea and other roommate Steph. We are all going to cook dinner and drink wine and probably watch sappy love movies!

What are all your fun plans!? I'd love to know what you other single girls do on this lovely holiday! And you in-love girls too!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"betcha can't eat just one..."

Lays potato chip company turned the the common phrase, "betcha can't eat just one," into a strategic marketing pitch. I now say the phrase after finding myself munching on a good snack in which I just can't seem to quit! 

I'm specifically talking about, in this post, about Girl Scout Cookies! Did you get your order in yet!? Do you have a designated Girl Scout?! A co-worker has a daughter in Girl Scouts, so as soon as she had the order form posted in our break room, my name was on the list! 

When I was younger my most favorite cookie, was the Peanut Butter Pattie--or Tagalongs. 
This year however, I did not order these at all! I'm kinda sad about it, because it was my favorite cookie for as long as I can remember, and my mom orders me a box every year. Just this year, I decided it's not my favorite anymore. I've never lost a favorite anything before. :( They will still hold a special place in my heart!

But my new favorite, (which as taken over 1st place in the past few years) which I am excited about are Thin Mints! They are just perfect chocolaty-minty-cookie-goodness! And how good are they after being in the freezer!? MmmMmm. I can eat a whole sleeve of these in one sitting if I don't restrict myself. Oops!

I ordered Lemonades and Caramel Delights. I have never liked CD because I don't like the texture of coconut, but that day I ordered i had a craving for them...yes, weird, I know, because i've never eaten them before! 

These are the Lemonades! They are a shortbread cookie with a lemon icing on the bottom. Just a light lemon taste and very good! Nothing too rich! 

These are my 3 picks this year. Hope you found your cookie-seller! I'm craving some right now and can't wait until delivery day soon, sometime next month! Gosh, so many good things are going on in March! I can't wait for it and it's cookies to get here!

Betcha can't eat just one...I KNOW I can't!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Face Off

Tonight one of the biggest rivalries in college basketball is going to take place! 
And as a forever UK fan I can't wait to see this UK team beat a cheating coach's butt! 

{I can't believe I'm actually putting that horrid orange on my blog!}
And these coaches: 
Hopefully our number of titles and record and #1 recruiting class beat this cheating coach!
I know our boys have had a rough start to the season, but hopefully after their sad loss to Florida Saturday they can get their game into shape and pull it together and get a Win tonight! 
Yea! Yea! Go CATS!

I don't have ticket's to this game, so I'll be watching with friends or from my lovely couch in the comfort of my own home. Oh, how it would be nice to be in the Rupp Arena atmosphere in the midst of all the excitement and sea of blue! 

This is one of my favorite parts of home games {excluding the actual basketball part!}

You all better be cheering on the BIG BLUE too! oooOOO C-A-T-S- CATS CATS CATS!!!