Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christmas Comes Early!

You may remember from this post how I drooooooled over a Restoration Hardware bed. I fell in love! I looked at other stores online to compare styles and price {ya know, to be smart about my shopping-like my mom has taught me...umm I'm trying!} So, about a month ago I visited a friend in Indianapolis and went to the actual store to look at my dream bed! Was it possible to fall even more in love...YES! The bed was on sale too! Well, I shopped around and we went to a few more stores and then she took me to a store that is only in Indy. Well, there was one almost identical to the RH bed and it was on clearance! After I did the math it was about 61% off! I couldn't pass this up! I called my mom to get her advice, and she was being kinda difficult and want me to pack it in my car! {I have and SUV, but I don't think that headboard would fit!} haha, Only Mom! But, the shipping was OUTRAGEOUS! Luckily, my dad's company has shipping capabilities in Indiana to Kentucky for less than $100 and we just had the furniture store ship it to my dad's company, then to me! {Dad's are the best!} So, after all said and done...this beauty is now in it's new home, my home!

I won't be opening any Xmas gifts from Santa on Christmas it sits...

basically the only difference, the RH bed has tufting (which I LOVE, but I couldn't turn down the price!)

the RH bed
Other Room pics:
Hobby Lobby
Going to try and cover the shade in burlap 
Bedding: Pottery Barn  duvet/shams/skirt a few years ago on sale
you can't tell in pic, but it has a pretty texture and ribbon detail
Pillows: Blue: Nicole Miller Macy's also a few years ago
Brown: Bed Bath and Beyond {i think}

Prints: online website each were like $4
Frames: Hobby Lobby

tailgating update!

I've missed you all! I've been a little crazy busy these past 2 weeks, and I'm pressing full steam ahead, with no end in sight! I'm slowly making a dent in my blog list and trying to catch up in your blog posts and see all of the good stuff I've missed! 

UK tailgating: It's a way of life here. 
So Cute! Mini Barrel Lauren & Cameron's
Found my little protege, and her name is Lauren as well! {At work we were Lauren, RN 1 and Lauren RN 2!} Aww! So sad, she's going to work at Vandy though. :( Best of luck to her!
Royal Blue Maxi Dress: Arden B
one of my most favorite articles of clothing that I own!

Blue & White Scarf: H&M

Commonweath Stadium
Candy Cigs! Found in Chelsea's I don't smoke the real things. 

Saw this walking by another tailgate! haha Rice Krispies on top!

Our Gators Fan I guess we will keep her! She's nice and all... :) 

I'm not going to discuss the score of this game. We go for the social aspect mostly!

my fave :)

Face tattoos!

I'm excited to see those of you coming next weekend! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Remembering Daniel

I can't believe it's been 365 days. Wow, how a year goes by so quickly. I hope you are loving your eternal life so much more than life here. Although it was so short, and there was so much left undone, I know it is free of hate, selfishness, and all things bad where you are now. I'm sure all you wounds are healed too. She picked out your handsome suit you wore that day and handsome you were. What you are wearing now, I know it is more lovely.

I think about and pray for your closer friends and family, and your best friend {LLW}, all the time. I think of how they must be feeling and what more they have lost. I have not checked on them them as much as I should. I hope you heal their pain.

I will never forget the day I came to visit you in the church. I left for work early thinking I would have a few minutes to see you and say some words to your mom and family and see the gang. When I pulled in the parking lot I was shocked by how many cars I saw. When I opened the church doors that opened into the foyer and hallway I was again amazed at how many people were there. I had no idea you knew the whole world! Thankfully, I saw a familiar face who let me stand in line with her, but I never saw the end of the visitation line. It wrapped around a few turns of the hallway. There must have been a few hundred people in front of and behind me, which kept the line from moving quickly. When I got to see you, I was overcome with emotion and so glad so many people were there for comfort.

I'm so grateful that our paths crossed and I'll never forget the times we shared. Thank you for making me feel special and pretty. Girls always need that.  You will always be a constant source of laughter and good memories for the TC group, your football friends, and the countless people who knew you.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

8 years and counting...

Tuesday night I FINALLY got to have dinner and catch up with my FIRST and best friend from college. {Our schedules have been crazy, and we have been trying to get together for awhile now!} Shea and I met during sorority rush week in college. She cried everyday that first week; she was so homesick.  {Sorry to spill that detail girl!} Our roommates hadn't moved in yet, we were both roommate-less, so we became close that week. I let her sleep in my room and took her to my parents house for dinner. My dad was shocked she even made it through the first week of school and didn't move home! I'm sure glad she didn't because we were best friends that whole year.

We would do the silliest things, and have the funniest inside jokes, which are still to this day hilarious! We were there for all the boyfriends drama {what girl doesn't have boy drama} ha! And when I on the spur of the moment decided to pierce my nose, then had to hear the wrath of my parents, and then UN-pierce my nose. :( Things that happened in those dorm rooms are memories that will last forever and made that the best year!

We slowly lost touch over the years, but have kept in contact and made a point to get together and luckily still live in the same city, so we run into each other occasionally too!

Shea and Lauren through the years...

UK football game!


In my dorm room, with her roomie, Lesley
80's Date party!

 Lots of Ruffles and Sequins!
We can totally rock the look!
UK tailgating 2006
Night out downtown! 2009
TNL Downtown Lex! 2011
Lesley-Shea's roomie freshman year!
Dinner last night! 2011
It was so great to catch up and fill in some of the gaps from the last time we had seen each other. Hopefully the next time won't in the in far too distant future!

Shea is getting married in March and I'm beyond THRILLED for her. She has met a great guy and she is going to be one GORGEOUS bride!

Shea, I'm soo glad you lived 2 doors down from me in the dorms 8 years ago! {umm, wow, I can't believe it's been that long since we were little freshmen on campus!}

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Duh! Hair and Make-up

About a year and a half ago I cut my hair off to just below my chin. It was a year-in-the-making decision. I thought I would HATE it, but turns out, I LOVED it. It was originally below my shoulder. I kept it short for about 8-9 months {?} then decided to grow it back out. Like I said I LOVED it short, it was so cute and I got TONNNNSS of compliments on the new 'do! The only thing with short hair is, there's not much you can do with it. So, I've been growing it out the past little while. {lost tract of time} 

 {no styling here:::was running late for work., ZERO time to primp!}

But, I just picked up some pre-natal vitamins from the OTC section at Wal-Mart. I take one a day. Let me tell you...every day at work, someone new tells me my hair looks longer. It's growing like a weed! I hi-lite my hair, so I've had to space that out longer or suck it up and pay the money to get it done as my roots grow out faster. 
Just thought you would like to know my secret for quick and natural hair growth!

***Check with your doctor about vitamins and natural supplements to add to your daily regimen, as some supplements/minerals interfere with prescribed medicines you may currently be taking***

Today, I was out running some errands and I picked up some cheap foundation. I had been using MakeUp Forever HD. {~$40ish} I didn't really want to spend that much and I thought other brands are stepping up their game these days. So, I grabbed Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. 

After wearing it for a few hours, I liked it 100% better than the more expensive brand. My forehead and chin {problem areas of shine} weren't shiny yet! 

2 thumbs up for the $7 drug store brand > more expensive salon brand :( 
I'm definitely sticking to the cheaper! 
And this will save me money! And we all could benefit from that!

Any cheaper brands out there you all love?!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11

September 11, 2001

Although I have no connections to New York personally, I will always remember where I was that day. I was a junior in high school in our first period class. My teacher got a phone call, answered it and started crying then turned on the TV. That's when I learned of the tragic news in New York. The next period I had was math class. This teacher was not at all interested in watching the coverage. She wanted to teach math, she had strict lesson plans, and D@^^!+ she was going to stick to follow her plans.

I remember seeing this picture and I just think it is so amazing.

Firefighters and other dignitaries watch as the Fire Department of New York's Ladder Company 3 fire truck is lowered by crane into the National September 11 Memorial Museum July 20 in New York City. The truck was used in the evacuation of people from the World Trade Center towers during the terror attacks on September 2001. All 11 firemen aboard the truck when it responded were killed when the towers collapsed.

Our country was forever changed and we will never forget the victims or the people who experienced that day.

Friday, September 9, 2011

UK theme!

It's that time! Since UK football has started with our first home game in less than 24 hours, its time to change my kitchen towels from a summer theme to a UK theme!

goodbye summer...

Welcome UK...

I'm also changing my outdoor garden flag from summer to UK!

My towels and flag get used twice a year, for football and basketball season! WOO HOO! 
Go Cats!
We play Central Michigan at 12:00 tomorrow and hopefully we will win! Go Cats!