Thursday, March 31, 2011

After my last 12 hours...

After the last 12 hours I just had at work, I'm going to be sleeping like a rock. I probably won't even move for the next 7 hours. 
Tonight (last night, for you normal people!) at work was just horrible. It was one of the most horrible working nights I've had in a lonnnnnnggg time. I will detail later...
And I still need to tell you some stories from my trip! But until then, I will be doing this...


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Caribbean Cruise!

I'm back! I missed you all! Boy, did I have an awesome trip! I was hoping there would be 80 degree weather here when I got back, but no such luck! I'll be telling you all some pretty funny stories this week, but here is our trip in pictures for now! ENJOY!
At Hooters watching the UK game before boarding the ship!
Royal Caribbean: Liberty of the Seas
The stateroom:

Complementary wine from The Cruise Academy 
The ship had an ice rink and performing "ice dancers"
The ship had a sports deck with a basketball court, put-put course, and a "flo-rider" which is a wave simulator to surf. We were going to try and play up on the sports deck, but with all the other things going to and so many activities we didn't have time! 

Tried to win JACKPOT in the luck...dang, guess I'll be attending more nursing conferences, because I won't be quitting my job any time soon!

Magen's Bay

my new favorite place on Earth!


From the "Cupcake Cupboard"~Cute little cupcake shop onboard!

Awesome Vegas show!



surrounded by OSU fans...

oh, we did go to the seminar too! 
Darwin and Francisco! Our favorite bartenders! 

Our dining room waiters who served our 4 course meals...which were de-lish! Amazing food! 

If you've never been on a cruise, I highly recommend it! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

this workin' girl gets a SPRING BREAK!!!

THAT'S RIGHT! It's time to re-live those ol' college days of wild-n-crazy spring breaks! {Well, I didn't have toooo many of those, maybe 1 or 2} But...
Remember when I was so excited for the month of March!? Well, it is here and so is the trip I've been waiting for! I am going with a friend Sarah from work, on a nursing seminar cruise! Now, that is how all seminars should be! Learning about your career on the great open seas for 8 days! 
And did I mention all most expenses paid?! In a stressful work environment, we all need a work paid vacation seminar trip.

I feel like I should talk about the work part of my trip. So, the topic is "Critical Care Essentials." Basically, the seminar will be lectures reviewing all of the body systems in depth for a comprehensive study. It serves as preparation for an exam called the CCRN certification a big deal test. I haven't taken this certification test yet, in the 3 1/2 years I have been a nurse, and after this review, I hope to take it and be certified this year!
OK...enough work talk!

The cruise is 8 day Eastern Caribbean to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, San Juan and Haiti.
This is Megan's Bay, where we will be in St. Thomas...
My "adult Spring Break"...
Just gonna get my tan on, sip on some pina coladas, rum runners, and other drinks of the sort and find some local to fan me with a big tree leaf {ya my dreams!}
There are a few more fun things we have planned, but I'll surprise you with the fun adventures  post when I get back!

I'll bring back all the sun and sand I can for ya!
{And maybe a fun little island souvenir! hint hint}
don't miss me too much! 

Have a Lucky Day!

Here are some lovely "lucky" items from Etsy for
St. Patty's Day!
{found here}
{found here}
{found here}
{found here}
{found here}
{found here}
What are your St. Patty's Day plans? Hopefully I'll be done packing and can get out for a drink! I doubt I'll even watch my CATS game today :( but I am going to listen to it on the radio as I run my errands! LET'S GO CATS!