Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm a HUGE Miranda fan and was supposed to see her in concert here this friday night. Sadly, she is having to reschedule due to Blake Shelton's father dying this week. 
I was beyond excited, and looking forward to it ALL WEEK! 
But, I know unexpected things happen and family is more important and I send my love to them. 

Yesterday, when I was sleeping Jamie texted me to tell me she had to reschedule and I guess I read it in my sleep, then I dreamed that Miranda and I were best friends. We were on a big farm and playing with a horse. Stella was there too, playing with her horse. I was obv wearing cowboy boots and a dress...duh. Then a hottie came up and said it was time to go work out. 
{The 2 things on my mind right now...Miranda concert and getting in a personal trainer would be nice too...} 
dreams are so strange

I'll be just as excited in late February, when it has been rescheduled!

This will be the 2nd time seeing her in concert. See, BIG fan! 
I watched Nashville Star when she was discovered on that show! 
This past summer she came to a small town about an hour and a half from me and a friend and I drove to see her. The venue was very small, and the concert was great!

If you need a few songs to listen to a few of my favorites {not played on the radio} are:
More Like Her
Airstream Song
Love Song
Makin' Plans {Sang Durning their wedding}
Over You* {on new record}
Famous In A Small Town

Jamie and I at the concert this summer
We are going again in Feb, but she's sittin FRONT ROW! JEALOUS!
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  1. That is so sad about Blake's dad. I am not going to the Charlotte concert here in NC, but my friend told me it was rescheduled too. I love Miranda too and Makin' Plans is my phone ringtone :)

  2. i'm with ya girl, love me some Miranda. I have seen her three times in concert and she never ever disappoints. boo on the reschedule!! Blake was just in STL last Friday, AMAZING concert, lemme tell ya!

  3. My boyfriend and I were going to her concert, too. So sad for Blake. :( But glad it was rescheduled and not cancelled all around!

  4. LOVE Miranda! You must have heard her new group, Pistol Annies? Their song "Hell on Heels" is SO fun!

  5. I love Over You and More Like Her too!! Love Your Memory is another reallyyy good one! and what kind of blush do you have on in that picture? It looks amazing!