Friday, January 20, 2012

makeup and weekend plans

How do you like my new blog design? New year, new design!


I was asked yesterday what blush I was wearing in the Miranda concert pic. I have a MANY different blushes, but it was FLEUR POWER! it's a great pinky color! 

It was my primary color last summer!

You gals got any fun plans this weekend?! Since the Miranda concert is postponed, some friends and I are going out for drinks at a local fave, and tomorrow...


is giving a free concert at another local bar! Love them!
Happy weekend!


  1. and please just ignore my whole email, haha. I am really out of it. It's MAC Jana, MAC. You said nothing about Sephora! I was just on their website so I guess that's why I was thinking that. I need a weekend some kinda bad, ha.

  2. and thanks for sharing!!! I am going to go check it out! It looks great on your skin tone!

  3. o0o0 I wish I had read this an hour ago when I was out for lunch and walked right by MAC!!! I'll have to remember this.

  4. LOVE Thompson Square! They have been in my area a couple of times, and each time I miss them :(

    Have fun at the show!

  5. Love that blush and LOVE your new blog look. So pretty! :)

  6. Thompson square was playing this weekened??!? Oh i am sooo mad i missed it. I wanna see pics pretty lady. Hope you had a blast

  7. I love the new blog design, very fresh and classic!

  8. MAC blush is my favorite! I've always worn it, and probably always will!

    Happy Monday!