Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My future hubby is engaged :(

I was so bummed today when I found out that my future hubby is engaged. 
{Although I think I'm a month behind on this news} 
You all know Dave from Lady A, well, he and I are friends, in real life. Well, I'm not sure what he would call it, but we were in my cousins wedding and communicated via Facebook once last year. I'd call that friends, wouldn't you!?

At my cousins wedding we sat together at the wedding party table and chatted for a while about his future plans of moving to Nashville and me being a nurse, etc.

True love.


In all seriousness, he's a great and genuine person and I wish him all the best. {Just like I did with his singing career...and now look at him, winning Grammys!}

The real future wife:

Ahh...I guess I'll have to move on to the next lucky one!


  1. ok that is SO cool you were in a wedding with him!! I'd definitely call y'all BFFs! ;)

  2. OH MAN! I thought he was single and I was totally going to win his heart over in March when Lady A comes here to Chicago for a concert! DANG IT!

    His Fiance is BEAUTIFUL!!! So I'll let her keep him!

    And HOW COOL that you were in a wedding with him?! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE LadyA and am SUPER jealous that you "know" him!

  3. You two are totally friends and that's pretty cool in itself! Last one down the isle wins anyway ;)

  4. omg that's awesome! That you know him.... not that he's engaged :-)

  5. That's a cool story - I've only heard a few of Lady A's songs and I liked your blog btw, I'm considering nursing as a career after I graduate <3

    ~Rachel <3

  6. This is hilarious. Should I show this to Dave?

  7. This is super cool!!!! You've been in a wedding with a basically FAMOUS person! That's just awesome :)

  8. omg! so cool! I am a lady A freak! Love him.