Sunday, March 25, 2012

#BBN #marchmadness

My last few weeks have been consumed by March Madness, bracketology, and our CATS! At work we do a bracket pool and while I brag that I got 2nd place last year, my bracket has sadly fallen from 2nd place again to nothing this year :( All because Duke, Missouri and Vandy lost so early. I had them going pretty far...And honestly Duke losing can RUIN my bracket any day! 

Duke Rd/Cooper Intersection. Pic sent from a friend.
Local neighborhood

A friend from nursing school just found out the sex of her baby last week.
and of course there's pink outfits to go with these!
my little cheerleader!
I WISH I could have gone to CATlanta this weekend for the tournament. I've never been, but you can bet your bottom dollar honey, I will one day!

I guess I'll settle for an afternoon of cocktails with the girls!

Did you see that we are playing Louisville to make it to the championship game?! Yes, I realize I talk like we've already won.

 Do you all fill out brackets and get into March Madness too?!


  1. I got my friend the same booties. So cute!

  2. I was doing so good in my brackets, like at the top of mostly 41 men!!!! and I am losing now. There goes $500.. I am pretty mad, ha.

  3. Those booties are absolutely adorable!! My bracket is completely blown, but I do still have UK winning it all!