Wednesday, March 28, 2012

i fear for my safety!

This coming weekend, Saturday evening at 6:09 to be exact, is the Final Four game between UK and UofL. If you are unaware of the rivalry of between us and UofL, let me just say it's MASSIVE, GIGANTIC, WW3-LIKE. I won't go into any more detail, because that could be an entire post all on its' own! 

Well, you all are aware that this is March Madness. If you aren't, then you must be living under a rock! 

When I went to college, the first friend I made lived 2 doors down from me in the dorms and we quickly became friends. Read more about Shea and our friendship here. 

Shea and Stinson
love birds

Well, Shea and her fiance are getting married THIS coming Saturday in downtown LOUISVILLE. AHHH!!!!

Do you see the situation I am in?!

I will be in downtown Louisville, on the biggest game of the season, yet, in the middle of the largest state rivalry, and probably nation's rivalry. 

I will be wearing this, UK blue dress. 

One of a few things need to happen:
1: I need to find a body guard
2: Sista needs to postpone her wedding
3. I send her gift and all my love at a later date {don't really want to miss the game: PRIORITIES}

I'm hoping for #1 or #2, but as seeing that I haven't gotten a notice of postponement, looks like the wedding is still on!

So I guess it would be fun to have a body guard and feel really important! 

I just hope the reception has a MAY-JAH big screen so we can watch the game. If not, then I may have to leave and disown her as a friend for life. {Kidding} What was she thinking when she was planing her big day?! 

I just ask for your prayers, to keep me safe in a city where I will be from the rivalry team!


  1. Great photos! I love learning more about bloggers through personal posts! You're gorgeous! Hope you can stop by and say hi sometime honey! Today's post is all about Mad Men fashion! Kori xoxo

  2. Um I don't think I have to go into much detail on how I feel about this post. Please just tell me that this wedding is not during the game, because in that case... I would definitely be coming down with the flu. Here's hoping for an EPIC UK weekend ending with a big 8!!!

  3. OH......MYYY.....GOSH. Tell me you are joking haha. WHO PLANS A WEDDING in MARCH!!! We always make it at least to the Final Four. You know my prayers are with you! This is outlandish hahahaha. If anyone harms my frand I will take names. GO CATS! ALSO, did you hear about the brawl today in Louisville {I think?} at the KY Clinic for Dialysus haha. Lauren two old men - 1 from KY and 1 from Louisville got into it while they were receiving treatment about Saturday 's game haha! One was 60 something and the other 71!! ONE FLIPPED the other off so he punched him!!!! Pray now.

  4. You can google the story, btw haha it was on our news here at home.

  5. hahaha that is so funny! can't you watch it on your cell phone? or maybe keep up with the game on twitter? your blog is adorable! New follower!

    xx Kelly

  6. Adorable dress :)

    Here in Alabama, we have a rivalry like that except it's in football. ESPN did a television stint on the US's biggest rivalries in football and Alabama and Auburn were ranked number one. It gets pretty nasty around here come September :)

  7. Eeek good luck and try to have some fun! I'm still bitter about the whole cuse not going all the way... womp womp.

  8. To their defense they would have had to do the odds WAY in advance... as opposed to my friend who KNOWINGLY chose the date of the regular season Cards/Cats game. (GIven, this is a bigger deal than a regular season game...) She was upset to find out that half of her groom's friends were gathered around a mini-tv one of them snuck in so they could actually enjoy the game! man oh man... like you said: Priorities!