Thursday, March 8, 2012

In the market for new specks?!

Are you in the market for new eyeglasses?! If, so then I have found the website for you! I recently was introduced to this website and am considering purchasing my next pair from them! {I'm past due for new prescription, etc.}

I've been wearing glasses since I started college. Like, ages ago...I couldn't see the professor write on the board from the back of the room and naturally, I needed fashionable glasses! That hasn't changed today. offers a 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Who doesn't like high quality frames with these kinds of guarantees, right?!

The best part of this website is that they have a virtual mirror where you can try on your favorite eyeglasses frames. This way you know who you look in them before purchasing. Definitely a BONUS.

Here are a few pictures of me in a few of my favorite glasses I'm considering purchasing.

Very retro...I'm into Mad Men right now
You do know pink is primary color and goes with everything I wear! 

The company is offering some great discounts right now:
Get 50% off any pair of eyeglasses on orders over $80. CODE: SPECIAL50


Take 10% off any order prescription glasses. CODE: Blog10

Hurry and go get yourself some cheap glasses!

i was compensated for this post.


  1. I NEED new glasses in the worst way also! I am heading to this website right now! I am digging those blue ones (first pair and either in a blue or white for you!} wonder why? I mean it would go great with a ton of your outfits!! haha xoxo

  2. What an awesome idea- and completely practical! You never have to worry about looking ridiculous in public! LOVES IT!