Wednesday, March 21, 2012

in a rut...

Do you ever feel like you're in a rut? Lately I've felt that way, especially here. I could go into a whole different tangent about life, but I'll save that for another day! I've felt like I've not had too much to chat about or share on here or had the energy to do so. 
Hopefully, I'll get my groove back! 

Anyways, a few weeks ago a friend had a baby shower for her sister and I quickly said I wanted to help with the decorations. Here are a few pictures from the shower and of what I made! It was so easy and cheap! 

cake pops, Jamie made. So yumm-y

And of course I don't have a pic with the mommy to be...

Last week was my mom's birthday! 
My sister and I went shopping and got her tons of goodies...

wee bit blurry...
So...there's a baby shower and a birthday party from the past couple weeks.
I've been working...EVERY my social life is NON-EXISENT

I missed one of my best friends' celebratory dinners and I'm going to miss a going away party for another friend this Thursday. Sometimes my schedule...SUCKS. 

More of a catch-up on life to come, and hopefully less of a blogging rut...
thanks for sticking around!


  1. I love your outfit! I get in a funk sometimes & have no idea what to write about so I just post pictures. Hope things get better!! xo

  2. Welcome back! Life is a rut sometimes, I know we all have been there! Cute decor for the shower! Hope you get some time to relax soon!

  3. You look so cute! Love the baby picture decorations!

  4. Girlfriend, get your party panties on! Keeneland is underway in a couple weeks!!
    Get out of your rutt :) It's not allowed round these parts haha.
    The babyshower decor is precious, you did so good!!