Thursday, September 15, 2011

8 years and counting...

Tuesday night I FINALLY got to have dinner and catch up with my FIRST and best friend from college. {Our schedules have been crazy, and we have been trying to get together for awhile now!} Shea and I met during sorority rush week in college. She cried everyday that first week; she was so homesick.  {Sorry to spill that detail girl!} Our roommates hadn't moved in yet, we were both roommate-less, so we became close that week. I let her sleep in my room and took her to my parents house for dinner. My dad was shocked she even made it through the first week of school and didn't move home! I'm sure glad she didn't because we were best friends that whole year.

We would do the silliest things, and have the funniest inside jokes, which are still to this day hilarious! We were there for all the boyfriends drama {what girl doesn't have boy drama} ha! And when I on the spur of the moment decided to pierce my nose, then had to hear the wrath of my parents, and then UN-pierce my nose. :( Things that happened in those dorm rooms are memories that will last forever and made that the best year!

We slowly lost touch over the years, but have kept in contact and made a point to get together and luckily still live in the same city, so we run into each other occasionally too!

Shea and Lauren through the years...

UK football game!


In my dorm room, with her roomie, Lesley
80's Date party!

 Lots of Ruffles and Sequins!
We can totally rock the look!
UK tailgating 2006
Night out downtown! 2009
TNL Downtown Lex! 2011
Lesley-Shea's roomie freshman year!
Dinner last night! 2011
It was so great to catch up and fill in some of the gaps from the last time we had seen each other. Hopefully the next time won't in the in far too distant future!

Shea is getting married in March and I'm beyond THRILLED for her. She has met a great guy and she is going to be one GORGEOUS bride!

Shea, I'm soo glad you lived 2 doors down from me in the dorms 8 years ago! {umm, wow, I can't believe it's been that long since we were little freshmen on campus!}

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  1. Aww. This was a sweet post! Great memories :)

    Randomly came across your blog. Love it! Look forward to reading more!!