Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christmas Comes Early!

You may remember from this post how I drooooooled over a Restoration Hardware bed. I fell in love! I looked at other stores online to compare styles and price {ya know, to be smart about my shopping-like my mom has taught me...umm I'm trying!} So, about a month ago I visited a friend in Indianapolis and went to the actual store to look at my dream bed! Was it possible to fall even more in love...YES! The bed was on sale too! Well, I shopped around and we went to a few more stores and then she took me to a store that is only in Indy. Well, there was one almost identical to the RH bed and it was on clearance! After I did the math it was about 61% off! I couldn't pass this up! I called my mom to get her advice, and she was being kinda difficult and want me to pack it in my car! {I have and SUV, but I don't think that headboard would fit!} haha, Only Mom! But, the shipping was OUTRAGEOUS! Luckily, my dad's company has shipping capabilities in Indiana to Kentucky for less than $100 and we just had the furniture store ship it to my dad's company, then to me! {Dad's are the best!} So, after all said and done...this beauty is now in it's new home, my home!

I won't be opening any Xmas gifts from Santa on Christmas it sits...

basically the only difference, the RH bed has tufting (which I LOVE, but I couldn't turn down the price!)

the RH bed
Other Room pics:
Hobby Lobby
Going to try and cover the shade in burlap 
Bedding: Pottery Barn  duvet/shams/skirt a few years ago on sale
you can't tell in pic, but it has a pretty texture and ribbon detail
Pillows: Blue: Nicole Miller Macy's also a few years ago
Brown: Bed Bath and Beyond {i think}

Prints: online website each were like $4
Frames: Hobby Lobby


  1. Oh my goodness! That bed is gorgeous! So glad you got it!

  2. I LOVE IT! What a deal! So excited for you :) And I love the way your bedroom looks...It's like something out of a magazine.

  3. This is adorable! Just found your blog and I love it! The room looks so awesome!

  4. I love your new bed! Very beautiful.