Saturday, October 1, 2011

Case: October is the BEST month!

Ok Girls, I'm going to pull out the defensive side in me  {why I like the L&O, etc so much} and make a case that...
 October IS the BEST month of the year. 
Statement. AND fact.

I'm going to be like Elle Woods:
And prove my case with "evidentiary support" 

evidence 001: 
the 4th. It's my Birthday! This year I'll be 27. Upper mid-20's. Eh...oh well. I'm living it up as a single girl in my 20's! The best, positive outlook to have, right?!

Who wouldn't want to walk into a party with tons of balloons like this?!

Chicago a few years ago!

evidence 002.
 Keeneland fall meet is open the entire month!

evidence 003. 
UK football & tailgating!

evidence 004.

evidence 005.
All inclusive of:
5a. Apple cider/yummy snack
5b. Pumpkins for carving
5c. fall flowers
5d. possibly a hayride
5e. Cornfield maze

evidence 006. 
Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider! Forget the PSL, 
This is amazing. 

evidence 007.
Fall fashion 
something like this:

The defense rests her case. 

What do you think all you lawyers? Should I become a prosecutor? I always love that role in TV shows, so exhilarating!


  1. Everything about October is AMAZING!

  2. I'm with you! October is great and you've put together a great list. I feel the need to comment on all of your bits of evidence which will probably make this the longest comment of all time on your blog. I hope this warms your heart.

    001-Happy early birthday! Only a few more days away so hopefully you're well into the celebration of your birthday week. 27 was an 'eh' one for me. My next one is 29 and this just makes me want to cry.
    And your hair in that Chicago pic is really pretty!

    002-I am still so sad that I can't make it to Lex next weekend. My other friend that lives up there also invited me up so I'm doubly sad. :(

    003-Yay to tailgating.

    004-I'm glad to see that you're a girl that dresses in fun, appropriate Halloween outfits. It always kills me when I go out and see girls basically wearing lingerie. Good job, Lauren.

    005-I love orchards.

    006-I have not tried this Starbucks drink. Now I feel like it's necessary because it looks great.

    007-One of the best things about fall is the clothes. Definitely. I love boots.

    And I will add one extra piece of evidence for good measure: 008- Fall Break for your teacher friend!

    The only other month that is just as great is April because that's my birthday month, it's Spring Break month, and it's also another month of Keeneland. :)

  3. The jury has ruled in favor of the prosecution! hehe :) I love all your evidence and support! I agree!

  4. Happy early birthday! I'm a new blog fan & reader of yours {found you via Sarah @ Waiting on Butterflies & am glad I did. Your blog is fantastic. Wishing you a wonderful birthday. Hope this is your best year yet! Looking forward to reading your new blog fan in California, Katie

  5. I'm a new follower, love your blog! I'm also another Kentucky girl and love Keeneland, I hope I make it up there sometime during October!

  6. Happy Birthday girl! Enjoy October :)

  7. Happy almost birthday!! I hope you have a great day tomorrow! I turned 27 in July, it's not too,too bad, haha and I LOVE that new bed... wow.. it is so classy!

  8. Such a cute post! Love the Elle Woods with evidentiary support.

    HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAYYY! I hope you have a great day! (:

    So many fun things to look forward to this month! I love tailgating, pumpkin patches, and apple cider as well. Still currently brainstorming halloween costumes for this year!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! Just visited your blog for the first time, LOVES it! I absolutely adore October for all those reasons too!! Lovely to meet you. :)