Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What a great way to start 27!

First and foremost I'd like to thank EVERYONE for all the birthday wishes via calling, text, blogger, and twitter! {all social media!} You truly made my day!

Do you all know Grayson from Cougar Town?

Well, I've only seen Cougar Town a few times, so I didn't know him until last week, but my sister did and met him at a local bar Monday night. I had a hunch as to where he could be last night so I suggested we go and just see..ya know, since it was a special day and all! Well, my hunch was right and as soon as we walked in Emily nudges me and says, "Lauren he right there!" {There were about 5 guys at their table.} I causally asked her where she wanted to sit and play it off like we didn't know who he was. C'mon, we couldn't sit RIGHT next to them...or I guess we could have...! So we sat down and ordered a drink and conversed by ourselves. A few minutes into our chatting a guy from their table waved at me. I don't have 20/20 vision and I wasn't wearing my glasses so I just waved and smiled a friendly smile back. A little while later I recognized the guy who waved { #blind?} at me and so I took it as out ticket to their table and to meet Josh Hopkins.

The fellas were so nice to ask us to join their table and have a drink. A little while into our chit-chat one of the guys asked if we knew who Mr. Hopkins was. Josh told he played BBall for the Celtics {and BTW those players are in town scrimmaging our UK team this week too!} My witty little sis throws it out there that she thinks he's a racquetball player! The guys go wild! They thought it was the funniest thing they had ever heard! Way to go Em!

He was gracious enough {or had enough to drink! Let's just say it's because it was my birthday!} to pay for our drinks! What a way to start out 27! 
There are more bday festivities planned this weekend ALL thanks to THE fab Chelsea & Katherine !!
 This year is already looking great!


  1. Love your top!! Happy Birthday!

  2. How fun!! That's so awesome that you got to meet him!

    love your birthday outfit!

  3. I love that he is a UK fan and has done the John Wall on a few episodes! Awesome that you got to meet him... such a cutie!