Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who am I?!

I don't want to tell you just yet, but here are some clues to my Halloween costume this year!
Who am I kidding...I'm practically giving it away!

1. I am a tattoo artist an have lost of body art on myself... lots of body art!

2. I am a brunette {Lauren is saying "Goodbye blonde!"...for 1 night only...}

I will be able to answer the all important question: Do blondes really have more fun?!

3. Jesse James and I are an on again/off again couple...

4. I had my own show on TLC which showed my work as a tattoo artist in my tattoo shop.

5. I have my own makeup line at Sephora!

and here is a photo of my Halloween wreath, for my front door, I made a few weeks ago. {yes, a little late on sharing. Forgive me!} I wanted to get a BIG pretty purple bow to add to the top, but I haven't been to a craft store to buy any ribbon since I bought the feather boas, etc. 

the Friendly Ghost!

this was a door/wall hanger that had a ribbon to hang with that I untied and used on the wreath!
Found it at Hobby Lobby on the Halloween Sale isle!
What are your costumes and fun plans?! 
Secretly, I wish I was an ER nurse on this weekend to see what people come into the ER dressed as would make for an interesting and exciting night!


  1. I know I know I know!!! Cute costume choice! Can't wait to see pictures and see how it turned out :)

    Your wreath is presh, I never thought to wrap a boa around it! Great idea!

  2. Yes, do think you gave it away a bit. ;) Sounds like it will be a fun costume though! Busy ER + Halloween... I'm not sure if I would be intrigued or scared!

  3. Yay Kat von D lol! I live across the street from her shop. I loved watching the show and am sad it got cancelled! Can't wait to see pics!!!