Friday, October 14, 2011

spice up your arm candy!

I was browsing blogs back in September and came across this post at Miss Lindsay's blog. I suddenly fell in love with the bracelet she blogged about and soon after ordered one for myself. I've been wearing mine more and more lately and getting lots of complements on it! I had to share, so you could get one for yourself or one of their other pretty pieces!

This particular one, the leather band comes in a few different colors. 

Happy Shopping! I may be back there soon myself!


  1. I looooove it!!! It looks great with the bracelet you paired it with.
    I bought this very one for my friend's birthday... giving it to her tomorrow. Now time to get one for me :)

  2. Think I just might have to get me one of pretty. Thanks :)

  3. I LOVE gold, so I'm going to have to invest in one of these asap! Love it! Thanks!

  4. Love! I just visited her site and I want almost every bracelet!