Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last week I was invited this event. It's a wine tasting competition for charity! When you go, teams of 3 are entered and each team brings 3 bottles of the same wine. The wine is bagged, tagged, and offered to the contestants for sampling and scoring. You then are a contestant to go around and sample as many wines as you like and give them a score 1-10 on how well you liked or disliked it! At the end someone tallies the votes and the wine with the most votes as best wine wins! All of the proceeds from entering go to charities too!

All of the wines had to be South American Red Wines.  These were the top winners:
1. Palo Alto Reserva -Blend
2. Colones del Sol -Malbec
3. Cigar Box- Malbec
4. Kaiken -Cab
5. Tilia -Malbec '10

I remember trying and LOVING #4! {It was bottle #122 in it's disguise} I'm definitely going to have to buy these and try at home! I am curious to see the price range on these! You should also try for your girls' night, or date night!

unfortunately I didn't take any more photos :( 

I was too busy wine tasting! DUH...!

This was SUCH a fun idea and SUCH a fun event! I would love to attend again or help my city plan something like this!

visit the site HERE for more info on the charities, past events, winners, sponsors, etc.

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  1. This sounds yummy! I have only been to a wine tasting 2x and it was neat to try the different varieties without "committing" to a whole bottle. I wish we had something like that here! :)