Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Duh! Hair and Make-up

About a year and a half ago I cut my hair off to just below my chin. It was a year-in-the-making decision. I thought I would HATE it, but turns out, I LOVED it. It was originally below my shoulder. I kept it short for about 8-9 months {?} then decided to grow it back out. Like I said I LOVED it short, it was so cute and I got TONNNNSS of compliments on the new 'do! The only thing with short hair is, there's not much you can do with it. So, I've been growing it out the past little while. {lost tract of time} 

 {no styling here:::was running late for work., ZERO time to primp!}

But, I just picked up some pre-natal vitamins from the OTC section at Wal-Mart. I take one a day. Let me tell you...every day at work, someone new tells me my hair looks longer. It's growing like a weed! I hi-lite my hair, so I've had to space that out longer or suck it up and pay the money to get it done as my roots grow out faster. 
Just thought you would like to know my secret for quick and natural hair growth!

***Check with your doctor about vitamins and natural supplements to add to your daily regimen, as some supplements/minerals interfere with prescribed medicines you may currently be taking***

Today, I was out running some errands and I picked up some cheap foundation. I had been using MakeUp Forever HD. {~$40ish} I didn't really want to spend that much and I thought other brands are stepping up their game these days. So, I grabbed Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. 

After wearing it for a few hours, I liked it 100% better than the more expensive brand. My forehead and chin {problem areas of shine} weren't shiny yet! 

2 thumbs up for the $7 drug store brand > more expensive salon brand :( 
I'm definitely sticking to the cheaper! 
And this will save me money! And we all could benefit from that!

Any cheaper brands out there you all love?!


  1. when i'm not using bare minerals foundation, i use the makeup forever HD...but i used to swear by a cheap-o L'Oreal foundation :) now, the only things i really spend a lot of money on is foundation and blush, but i will gladly buy drugstore eyeliner and mascara!

  2. Ummm I might need to get some of these vitamins for my hair! Heck yeah! My favorite foundation is another one by Make Up For Ever (Mat Velvet +, instead of the HD). I just don't have a ton of luck with drugstore brands because I get so oily. My favorite mascara though is Almay, the kind with three clicks...and I love the Cover Girl eyeliner (that you also click to sharpen). Thinkig about it now I guess I kind of spend a lot of money on makeup...