Friday, September 16, 2011

Remembering Daniel

I can't believe it's been 365 days. Wow, how a year goes by so quickly. I hope you are loving your eternal life so much more than life here. Although it was so short, and there was so much left undone, I know it is free of hate, selfishness, and all things bad where you are now. I'm sure all you wounds are healed too. She picked out your handsome suit you wore that day and handsome you were. What you are wearing now, I know it is more lovely.

I think about and pray for your closer friends and family, and your best friend {LLW}, all the time. I think of how they must be feeling and what more they have lost. I have not checked on them them as much as I should. I hope you heal their pain.

I will never forget the day I came to visit you in the church. I left for work early thinking I would have a few minutes to see you and say some words to your mom and family and see the gang. When I pulled in the parking lot I was shocked by how many cars I saw. When I opened the church doors that opened into the foyer and hallway I was again amazed at how many people were there. I had no idea you knew the whole world! Thankfully, I saw a familiar face who let me stand in line with her, but I never saw the end of the visitation line. It wrapped around a few turns of the hallway. There must have been a few hundred people in front of and behind me, which kept the line from moving quickly. When I got to see you, I was overcome with emotion and so glad so many people were there for comfort.

I'm so grateful that our paths crossed and I'll never forget the times we shared. Thank you for making me feel special and pretty. Girls always need that.  You will always be a constant source of laughter and good memories for the TC group, your football friends, and the countless people who knew you.


  1. Sweet words, Lauren. I hope you find comfort today :0)

  2. This is such a pretty post Lauren. I will be thinking of you today as I know how hard it is to lose someone young and close to you. Stay strong today, he is smiling down on you.

  3. thinking you today! The sun is shining bright today. Xo.

  4. Oh honey! I'm sooo sorry! I got cold chills reading your post. Thinking of you... he must of been amazing!