Wednesday, September 28, 2011

tailgating update!

I've missed you all! I've been a little crazy busy these past 2 weeks, and I'm pressing full steam ahead, with no end in sight! I'm slowly making a dent in my blog list and trying to catch up in your blog posts and see all of the good stuff I've missed! 

UK tailgating: It's a way of life here. 
So Cute! Mini Barrel Lauren & Cameron's
Found my little protege, and her name is Lauren as well! {At work we were Lauren, RN 1 and Lauren RN 2!} Aww! So sad, she's going to work at Vandy though. :( Best of luck to her!
Royal Blue Maxi Dress: Arden B
one of my most favorite articles of clothing that I own!

Blue & White Scarf: H&M

Commonweath Stadium
Candy Cigs! Found in Chelsea's I don't smoke the real things. 

Saw this walking by another tailgate! haha Rice Krispies on top!

Our Gators Fan I guess we will keep her! She's nice and all... :) 

I'm not going to discuss the score of this game. We go for the social aspect mostly!

my fave :)

Face tattoos!

I'm excited to see those of you coming next weekend! 


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! Love that silly little cake! You are gorgeous by the way!

  2. Your blue dresses are adorable! That hamburger cake is hilarious. I don't have that much patience :)

  3. OMG that cake!!! I just might have to put that on my football blog, that thing is amazing!!